Birthday Wish List

September 26, 2019

I guess it’s that time of year already! I’m not sure where 2019 has gone, but apparently it’s already the end of September. I’m pretty sure it was just March but, whatever. I guess that means I have to turn another year older. I truly used to love my birthday but as the years go by I’m feeling very….ugh. I’m old. My body reminds me I’m old when I am tired for a week after staying up until midnight and I have to intentionally stretch my broken parts so I don’t seize up.

Every year I compile a list of nice to have things I wish I could have for my birthday so, without further ado, here’s this years wish list.

  • Full Pound classes week after week – my time slot is an awkward one, Sunday’s at 5. It works really well for me, but apparently not for anyone else since some weeks it’s like pulling teeth getting people to come. (PS, if you’re interested you can see upcoming classes on the right side of this screen)
  • This wallet from Poppy Barley, plus a pair of their Mary Janes, a pair of black sandals and a new pair of flats since mine are quite worn out. Ok, just one of everything please.
  • To never have to scrub greasy hand and finger prints off the walls and counters, to never have sand enter my house from shoes, pants, pockets, butt cracks, and to never have to clean up pee on and around the toilets ever again.
  • The Smeg toaster, kettle and coffee maker in mint green.
  • While we’re at it, I could really use some new pots and pans, preferably ones that I won’t ruin after six months because I’m super awesome at taking care of cookware.
  • A house full of plants. I’m halfway there but I’d love to add a whole live edge shelf full of plants in my dining room and another plant shelf in my bedroom. Bonus points for plants that never die. Speaking of plants, Calyx Floral Design in Bower Mall has potted eucalyptus and I 100% need one of those.
  • About 100 more hours in a day to spend quality time with my kiddo, read more books, workout more and sleep more.

As always, I like to create these wish lists purely for fun. There’s nothing I want or need more than to have a chill day with my fam.

What would be on your nice to have, if you could have anything you wanted wish list?

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