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Winter Glow with Skoah’s New Concentrates

March 4, 2019

We’re emerging from a month-long polar vortex over here in Red Deer, where we remained at extremely cold temperatures for weeks on end. A lot of people were sick of the frigid temperatures and looking to hop on a plane to sunnier destinations stat. Me? I just want my skin to stop being so dry and itchy.

Last week, I booked myself a little bit of self-care with my friends at skoah. Crawling into that heated bed was the perfect way to warm up on a cold day and relax during a busy week. I had to ask my skin care trainer if it was normal for people to fall asleep as I could feel myself becoming more and more relaxed. I chose the power facial which includes customized treatments and products and a heavenly neck and shoulder massage. It was confirmed that despite my water intake and diligent moisturizing, my skin was parched and in need of a moisture boost.

This is where the new skoah concentrates came in.

The concentrates are a new line of products focusing on a single ingredient, concentrated to target specific skin concerns, such as hydrating, healing and brightening. What’s cool about these products is that they can be used alone or mixed into your regular serum, moisturizer or face masks.

Because my skin has been so dry, we rolled with the +hyaluronic acid concentrate, which was used with several different products throughout my facial (I don’t remember which ones, as I was half asleep by this point). This specific concentrate is perfect for all skin types and is a huge hydration boost, leaving skin plumper and more refreshed. I actually hit up a Canada Winter Games women’s hockey game after with nothing more than mascara on and my skin was nearly flawless after my facial.

Other concentrates include the +vitamin c, to help brighten your skin and reduce pigmentation and the +copper peptide to calm, soothe and heal red, irritated or damaged skin. What I love most about Skoah products is that they are plant based, contain no sulphates or parabens and minimal amounts of preservatives (enough to keep the product safe without harming you).

The concentrates are being released this month, so inquire about adding them to your new facial or picking up some to take home to incorporate into your skin care routine. They retail for $40. I’ve got my concentrates on the ready, keeping my skin hydrated and glowing until this cold weather disappears.

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I was provided a facial and sample product by my friends at skoahin exchange for my honest thoughts . Thank you for supporting me and the brands that help make this little piece of the internet happen.

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