Where to Workout in Red Deer

Best of Where to Workout in Red Deer

January 9, 2019

Best of Where to Workout in Red Deer

The task of reviewing every single fitness facility in Red Deer was daunting but after two years, we can honestly say we’ve tried everything! There was one common question asked when talking about the Where to Workout in Red Deer series, “what’s your favourite place!”. For Jessica, she always had a strong opinion of her favourite place, but for me, it wasn’t that easy. I fell in love with so many of the facilities we visited that it’s impossible to choose one favourite.

With the series being completely objective and trying my best not to show favouritism, I decided to save it all to the very end and sum up some of our favourite places in an awards style best of post. 

Best Personal Training Facility

Becky – 360 Fitness
Jess – 360 Fitness

Best Yoga Studio

Becky – The Breathing Room
Jess – Breeze Yoga

Breeze Yoga Red Deer

Best Spin Studio

Becky – My Revolution
Jess – Ryde

Best Bootcamp

Becky – Fit Body Bootcamp
Jess – Fit Body Bootcamp

Best 24-Hour Gym

Becky – Anytime Fitness
Jess – Fit4Less (the massage chairs and huge facility (lots of weights for everyone do it for me)

Best Women’s Only Facility

Becky – 30 Minute Hit
Jess – 30 Minute Hit

Best Crossfit

Becky – It’s a tie between both Crossfit gyms for me (because I love Crossfit too much to choose)
Jess – Pure

Ignite Fitness Red Deer

Best Group Fitness Studio

Becky – Orangetheory Fitness
Jess – The Forum

Best Fitness Class

Becky – Body Pump at GoodLife Fitness
Jess – Fit Camp at One-to-1 Fitness

Weirdest Fitness Class

Becky – Buti Yoga at Body Basics
Jess – Move Garuda (not weird, but definitely different and I loved it)

The Most Fun Workout

Becky  – Crossfit
Jess – Jazzercise

Best Place for Badass Workout Photos

Becky – 360 Fitness, UFC Gym, Rob’s Gym
Jess – 9Round​ & Rob’s Gym

Prettiest Studio

Becky – Studio Pilates, Breathing Room
Jess – Studio Pilates & 360 Fitness


Gym That Changed Our Fitness Game

Becky – Absolute Fitness – they lead you through a movement assessment before you begin so you can determine what you should be focusing on. This is where they changed my squat game for life.
Jess – 360 Fitness – when you have a personal trainer developing your workouts, managing your weights and reps, the only thing that’s left to do is train and it’s incredible what you can get done in 30 minutes​


Coolest Gym Feature

Becky – Cardio Cinema at Motion Fitness
Jess – All the circus equipment at Forum

Most Likely to See Someone You Know

Becky – GoodLife Fitness
Jess – GoodLife Fitness​

Best Place for a Pre-Drink Workout

Becky – My Rev or Ignite, located next to Troubled Monk

Best Eye Candy

Becky – Pure Fitness

We want to hear from you!

What are some of your favourite workout spots in Red Deer! 

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