Holiday Highlights

December 30, 2018

Hi friends – how were the holidays?

I know things have been quiet on the blog lately, but I had to pop on to share some of our highlights over the last week. I love taking a look back on our Christmas’s year after year. This Christmas looked a little different than previous years since my parents moved to the city. It was a little strange not celebrating Christmas in my childhood home. 

We took in a few pre-Christmas activities – the Santa Parade in Lacombe and the Winter Lights tour at Heritage Ranch, which is always a favourite. The horses had barely backed away from the fence before Liam exclaimed, “this is so fun!”. He also said to me, “aren’t the lights beautiful, mama?”. It’s those little things that make the best memories.

We spent Christmas Eve tobogganing at the park by my parent’s house and then Liam opened his Christmas pajamas and a new stuffie before getting ready for Santa to come. We read The Night Before Christmas and then I told Liam to go blow his nose before saying goodnight, but he never came to say goodnight. He was so eager to get to bed for Santa to come that he put himself to bed! The rest of the night was spent playing cards with mom, dad and grandma. Tears were shed, because it just isn’t Christmas unless I laugh cry, usually more than once.

I didn’t sleep a wink. I blamed being in a strange house, sharing a room with Liam who was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but the reality is that I don’t ever sleep on Christmas Eve now that I have Liam. This year, I had to make sure that I got up with Liam in the morning, dressed with the camera ready to capture his reaction when he saw what Santa brought him. Of course, Liam was awake at 4:52am, whispering in my ear, “I had so much fun sleeping on the floor, can I get up now?!”.

After another hour, Liam was up again. This year, he asked me if I could find him his beloved Cow, a little lovey blanket given to him as a baby that was ‘lost’ when he was three. It kind of broke my heart that after all this time, he still missed his Cow, so Santa and the elves worked together to bring him back from the lost and found. I’m glad I captured the seconds where he stopped at the top of the stairs, seeing Cow poking out from his stocking, his wide eyes turning to me to point it out.

After tearing into the rest of his stocking, it was a long wait until everyone else was awake and breakfast was eaten before we could open presents. Poor kid.

We headed back to the toboggan hill in the afternoon, before supper was ready. We were definitely spoiled with warm weather this year. We ended up staying over with my parents again, just so we didn’t have to rush home and I could stay for another round of cards.

Boxing Day we packed up and headed across town, back home again so Liam could do Christmas with his dad. I hit up some Boxing Day shopping for the first time in a long time (maybe even ever?) and scored a great deal on a new snowsuit for future toboggan adventures. I ventured back to my parents for leftovers for dinner and a drive to look at Christmas lights, which was always a favourite Christmas activity for me as a kid.

It was a pretty great little break, full of magic and family times. I wouldn’t trade our quiet little Christmas’s for the world.

I hope you too found some magic this Christmas.

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