Liam-isms Part 14

November 17, 2018
  • Putting on gloves: These are my outside hands!
  • Day home provider: You should play basketball in school, Liam.
    Liam: There’s just one problem, I don’t have a jersey.
  • Can I sit on your lap? I won’t squish your nuts.
  • You can wear no shirt like me while we do yard work. You just have to make sure you wear one of those things that holds your boobs.
  • Mom: Rain smells good doesn’t it?
    Liam: Yeah, but so does pizza.
  • She was too beautiful, it’s burning my eyes!
  • I know how rainbows are made! When two leprechauns fall in love and then they kiss, a rainbow explodes from them kissing.
  • Me: What was your favourite ride at the fair?
    Liam: The haunted whore (horror) house.
  • Maybe they could set all the fireworks off at once and then we could go back to bed.
  • Someone should kill those flies with one of those smacker whackers.

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