Where to Relax in Red Deer

Where to Relax in Red Deer: Skoah

June 18, 2018

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a little time away from the hustle and bustle of life to relax and treat yo self. What better place to do so then newly opened Skoah Red Deer for a little skincare workout. I caught wind about Skoah prior to opening as one of the owners has a son in the same day home as mine. They were offering free facials to a select number of people who signed up and you bet I jumped on that offer.

Skoah Red Deer

About Skoah Red Deer

Skoah is a Canadian based franchise, started in Vancouver featuring skincare products also made in Canada. They offer not just facials, but what they call sweat free workouts for your skin, in a friendly, relaxed environment. This isn’t your uppity, pretentious spa environment, so fear not if that scene isn’t quite for you. The goal at Skoah is simply and truly to help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

The products are made right here in Canada, using high-quality ingredients and plant extracts, aimed to provide you with the best for your skin.

Skoah estheticians (Skin Care Trainers) and retail associates (Skin Care Coaches) are passionate about providing a great experience and even greater care for your skin. One thing is for sure, the salon, the products, and the staff come together beautifully to give you that post-workout glow that will have you looking and feeling great when you walk out the door.

What to Expect

After being greeted by your Skin Care Trainer, you’ll be taken into your private room which boasts personalized notes, a lip balm to take home and a cozy robe if needed. Much like a massage, you will strip down and crawl into a cozy, warm bed and cover up with a towel. Your skincare trainer will come in and ask you some questions about your skin and complete a skin analysis to determine which product line will be best and then they’ll dive in. Each facial is customized completely to you and your skincare needs. Each skin workout includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, mask, and massage which will leave you completely blissed-out and relaxed.

Once you’re done, you’re given a product sheet outlining exactly what products were used during your facial, how and when to use them, which is super handy if you’re kind of a skincare newbie like me.

Skoah Red Deer Skoah Red Deer


45-minute facials – $90

75-minute facials – $125

If you’re ready to commit to regular facials, you can become a Skoah member and your monthly fee converts to Skoah facial dollars. Right now, the Red Deer store is offering Founders Memberships for $52.50 monthly. Members can enjoy regular facials at a special founders price. The great part about the membership is that if you don’t use your facial dollars one month, they will carry over forward month after month.

Skoah Red Deer Skoah Red Deer

What I Loved Most

Skoah Red Deer is a beautiful, clean and relaxed space. While facials aren’t something I’d ever indulged in, it was such a nice treat. I loved the skin analysis and learning a little more about why my skin is the way it is (I thought I drank loads of water as it is, but turns out my skin is thirsty and asking for more!). I also loved the way my skin looked and felt after. While I felt a little guilty for straying from my usual toxin-free products for an evening, I did feel better knowing that their products are free of sulphates and parabens.

I can honestly say, I walked out of my facial feeling amazing from the inside out. I loved my post-facial glow and how great my skin looked for days after. I would definitely indulge again.

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