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Where to Relax in Red Deer: The Float Shack

December 20, 2017

Where to Relax in Red Deer

What would your life look like if you took more time to do nothing?

About The Float Shack

The Float Shack is a floatation/sensory deprivation studio that opened in Red Deer in 2014. While floating has grown in popularity in recent years, The Float Shack was the second of its kind in the region at the time, with only one other studio in Calgary. I think owners Lance Foss and Matt Dahrouge were definitely wise in bringing a float studio to Red Deer, giving residents a place to do nothing on purpose.

The beautiful studio is designed to be a place of total relaxation. Beyond the sensory deprivation tanks, they offer plenty of space to sit and read, journal, meditate, or simply sip a coffee or cold cup of kombucha. There’s a small library full of books to read, an oxygen bar, inversion table and even a patio to enjoy in summer months. With local goods for sale and a trading post to browse, they’ve created a unique space to find your zen. Guests can take advantage of this space for as long as they want before and after their floats.

About Floating/Sensory Deprivation

The float tank is designed to give you total sensory deprivation as a way to relax, restore and recover. The tanks contain 900lbs of Epsom salt, which enables your body to float effortlessly in the water, meaning your muscles can fully relax. The water is heated to 34 degrees which is the average body temperature, meaning you will feel absolutely nothing as you float in the water. Once in the tank, you will feel, see and hear absolutely nothing, allowing you to fall into a deep sense of relaxation. I would say it would be difficult to find another way to completely relax this intensely.

During your float, your blood pressure is lowered, circulation increases, cortisol levels drop, endorphins are released, pain and inflammation are reduced, and you experience the equivalent of four hours of deep sleep in only 90 minutes.

Floating can benefit anyone, but is especially beneficial to pregnant women to relieve stress, physical discomfort, and strain, athletes, chronic pain sufferers and more.

What To Expect

For first-timers, floating can be a little be intimidating but the gents at The Float Shack go out of their way to ensure you have a good experience.

Each float tank is located in a private room stocked with everything you need to enjoy your float. The first step is to hop in the shower to remove any lotions or oils from your body that could affect the specific pH levels of the water in the tank. Makeup removing wipes are provided as well as soap, shampoo, and conditioner for post-float. Next step is to cover any cuts or scrapes with Vaseline, pop in some earplugs and get cozy in the tank. There is a neck pillow available should you choose to use it as well as a robe should you need to leave your room at any time during your float.


Once in the tank, it’s up to you whether you want to fully close the door, leaving you in total darkness. You could absolutely leave the door open or use a towel to prop it slightly depending on your level of comfort.

Your float begins with 15 minutes of soft music playing, which will eventually fade away to leave you in peace and quiet for the remainder of your float. You are also able to play your own music, listen to audiobooks, or guided meditations as well which I think is really cool. Some people have taken this opportunity to learn new languages. I will definitely be exploring guided meditation for my next float. The music will slowly fade back in at the end of your 90 minutes, alerting you that your float has come to an end.

You’ll then hop out and shower off again, using the provided shampoo and conditioner and vinegar to dissolve any salt that may have gotten in your ears.

From there, you’ll walk out, and¬†hopefully feel rested and blissful.


What I Loved Most

Like most people, my to-do list is a mile long and I rarely take the time to just chill. This is a way to force me to do nothing and come out feeling so much more relaxed. I find that I have a lot more patience for a few days following a float and feel my anxiety start to melt away so fast.

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