2017 Fitness Goal Check In

July 6, 2017

Every year I set two different types of goals for myself, my overall goals and my fitness goals. On Tuesday I checked in with my midway progress on my overall goals but today I’m here to see how my fitness goals are coming. Last year I completely forgot about some of my goals so I’m using this as a way to remind myself to keep working towards the things I set out for myself in January.

  1. Finishing my first half marathon – Of course, this is already one of my three overall goals for the year, but it’s such an important thing that I think will really define my year. It’s coming up next month so this one is still in progress.
  2. Run a new-to-me race – I tend to run many of the same races year after year so this year it’s time to run something new (aside from Seawheeze). So far I’ve only run a couple of local repeat races, so if you have any suggestions for something new I should run this year, hit me up!
  3. Summit a mountain – I’m so sad that I haven’t had the chance to get out hiking yet this year. I’m hoping in the next few weeks I can make it happen!
  4. Try something new – Yes! I tried out Buti Yoga earlier this year.
  5. Handstand? We have been working on handstand progressions a lot in yoga lately, but I haven’t been making time to work on it outside of that. I feel like this will continue to be elusive…

In my 2017 Fitness Goals post, I talked about how I really needed to let go of expectations when it comes to fitness. My main priorities right now (you know, aside from being a mom and working full time, etc) are making it through the Where to Workout series and training for my first half marathon. Time seems to become more and more limited which means I can’t fit in home workouts like I used to. I think I’ve done a good job of balancing workouts when I can and not beating myself up if I can’t fit it in every day. Trust me, I’d love to be able to have the hours to workout all day every day, but it’s just not in the cards for me right now and that’s ok.

Over to you, what fitness related goals have you set for yourself this year? Are you accomplishing them?

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