2017 Goal Check-In

July 4, 2017

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2017? It feels like the year has only just begun and that it’s coming to a close all at the same time. Why can’t time just slow the heck down for once?

I’m taking advantage of the halfway point to check in on my goals for the year. Since I’m not currently in the habit of making monthly goals (even though I should start), it’s easy to lose track of the goals that I set out for the year. Let’s see how they’re going.

  1. Condo improvements – I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing with this one so far. However, I have plans in place! Later this week I’m meeting with my financial advisor to see what options I have for reno money. First priority is replacing the fridge and stove. I just replaced my dishwasher in December and really wished I would have replaced everything at once so I could have gone with stainless steel appliances. I bought a white dishwasher because I didn’t expect to replace the rest so soon so now I’m stuck purchasing more white. Womp. Anyways, I’ll be getting a quote to see what it would cost to have my condo painted. Those are the two main things I hope to accomplish this year. Ideally I’d love to redo the flooring as well but I don’t think that’ll be possible.
  2. Get my group fitness certification through Canfit Pro – I haven’t accomplished this yet either but! that’s not to say I haven’t been successful becoming a fitness instructor. Last month I completed my Pound fitness training and while I haven’t yet been able to practice enough to be able to teach, at least I’m certified. I have a goal to have taught at least one class by the end of September so I need to hustle and put together and learn a setlist! I do still hope to get my group fitness certification but the offerings (and funds) have been super limited.
  3. Run Survive my first half marathon – Obviously not completed because Seawheeze isn’t until next month. Training has been going ok although the last week and a half have been a complete bust since coming down with bronchitis. I’m jumping back into it this week and can hopefully keep up momentum until race day!

What are you hoping to achieve in 2017? How’s your goal progress? 

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