Sunday Runday #74

June 18, 2017

Another Sunday is coming to a close which means another week closer to SeaWheeze. Monday’s easy run was absolutely brutal. My body was still tired from the previous weekend’s activities, so after riding the struggle bus, I gave up and walked. Wednesday was speed day and the intervals jumped from 30 seconds of work to 1 minute of work with 2 minutes walk break. Let me tell you, 1 minute is much, much longer than 30 seconds but I managed to stay consistent in the 4:30 min/km range for three rounds.

Yesterday was long run day, which I incorporated into a local race. I’ll have a full recap to come later in the week. I ran about 1.25km to the race start since it was so close to my house and then completed the 10k. I originally planned to keep it slow and steady like the rest of my long runs lately, but Shannon challenged me to push a little harder. We ran 10-1 intervals for an average pace of 7:36min/km.

This definitely has me thinking that I should continue running 10-1 intervals for my long runs and for SeaWheeze so I don’t end up burning out.

Me dying while I sprint to the finish, while Shannon looks perfect lol. 

From Mary:

It was a beautiful day for a run! I’ve never trained for a half marathon before… I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying the long runs way more than I thought. Today had its sights set on 13 k-  and hitting that on my watch was a pretttaay great feeling!

(Mary is seriously crushing her half training. Related: I miss running with her on a regular basis!) 

Did you get out to run today?

If you’re new to Sunday Runday, it’s a weekly running date for anyone and everyone to join. It doesn’t matter the distance, the time if you’re brand new or a seasoned marathoner, heck you don’t even need to run. Walk, jog, run, spin, lift, bend, move. The point is just to have fun and motivate each other to get on our feet. Get out there snap a pic, and send me your mini recap to becky at thebexfactor dot com before 7pm MST every single Sunday to be featured in this post. Or, post to social media and share the link below. If you’re a fellow blogger, grab the banner and join the link-up with your favourite run chat from the week!

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    June 18, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Looks like some fantastic running happened this weekend! I do my long runs on Saturdays, and went out for 8 miles (about 13k). 10 and 1s really help! I can’t fuel while I run so I have to do intervals. I tend to do 15 and 1s most of the time and I find they keep me going and on pace.

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      June 19, 2017 at 5:17 pm

      You guys are all selling me on going back to those intervals!

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