Where to Workout in Red Deer

Where to Workout in Red Deer: RYDE RD

January 16, 2017

Where to Workout in Red Deer

Ah spinning, the fitness class that I hate to love and love to hate. Jess and I popped into this new studio to kick off our first Where to Workout session of the New Year. One of us left Ryde RD a sweaty mess after, the other one left looking adorable as always. I was the sweaty one. Spin is a great cardio workout, with some classes even utilizing hand weights and various movements that get you a full body workout. For me, it definitely gets my heart rate soaring, the sweat dripping and the hamstrings burning. Here’s what you can expect from your first visit to Ryde.

Ryde RD


Ryde is new to the Red Deer fitness scene, opening in late 2016. The boutique spin and body studio is quickly gaining momentum and adding more class sizes to the meet the demands for indoor cycling turned party. Not only that, they have a pretty sweet partnership going on with Hudsons Canada as an added incentive to get your spin on.

They have a handful of fun instructors, all with their own personalities and music tastes to add to their classes. If one instructor isn’t quite your jam, try another one until you find someone who gives you just the fun workout you’re looking for. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a team teach, where two instructors join forces and maybe even indulge in a battle of different musical styles.

The studio has a simple design, with crisp white walls and industrial features, plus a selection of apparel if you’re looking to update your fitness workout. Their Eat Sleep Ryde Repeat tanks are super cute.

Ryde RD

About the Classes

Ryde offers three different ryde classes:

Ryde 30 – a 30 minute lunch time crunch class

Ryde 50 – a 50-minute ride that includes a weight track for a full body workout

Sip and Ryde – a 50-minute ride plus a $10 voucher to refuel at Hudsons

Have you ever gone to a night club or concert where the combination of the music, the lighting, the energy of the people around you created this energy that had you dancing your little heart out until suddenly the lights come on and you have to go home but you don’t really know how that much time could have possibly gone by because you were having way too much fun? That’s kind of what it’s like to take a Ryde class. You can expect the music to be pumpin’, the lights to be flashing and the energy to be high and for there to be some dancing atop your bike seat. It’s a sweaty party that will make you check your watch twice to make sure the class didn’t end early because it flies by.

If you’re looking for a break from the bike, Ryde offers Fit 60, an hour long full body workout class. Comprised of a mix of boot camp, HIIT, plyo, kettlebells, you’ll challenge your strength and flexibility.

Want to combine spin and body workout? Ryde and Lyft start with a 30-minute ride and follows up with a 20-minute body pump class.

Ryde RD


Single Ryde: $19

Lunch Crunch: $10

Ryde 5 pack: $80

Ryde 10 pack: $150

Ryde 20 pack: $275

Monthly pack: $175

New Ryder offer (2 weeks unlimited): $40

Special spin shoes and a towel to catch that dripping sweat are included in each class at no additional cost.

What I Loved Most

My favourite part of Ryde is the intimate party atmosphere. The small space allows for you to feed off the energy of the other riders in the room mixed with the dark room, fun lights on the roof and loud music. Somehow this all combines to make 50 minutes fly by in flash. Like, it has to be some sort of time warp when you enter that room. Since spin isn’t the easier, no the most fun workout for me, this kind of atmosphere makes me forget how much my brain is swearing at my body.

Of course, I always love a studio with beautiful decor. The white walls, gold accents, and industrial decor plus those kick ass lights in the spin room are amazing. Ryde RD

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  • Reply
    January 16, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Gorgeous studio! And such a fun room too with the lights!

    • Reply
      January 16, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      Those lights were so fun!!

  • Reply
    January 16, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    What a fun looking place! I would definitely do the lunch crunch as that would let me still eat and get changed and be back in an hour. Plus $10 is a great price!

    • Reply
      January 16, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      It’s actually super close to my office so I could totally do that!

  • Reply
    Ange // Cowgirl Runs
    January 17, 2017 at 9:51 am

    I’m pretty sure this studio would be my jam. I definitely want to get back to adding some spin into my life.

    • Reply
      January 17, 2017 at 5:41 pm

      Yeah, the set up of it reminded me a lot about One Cycle so I think you would totally dig it.

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