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Review of the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music

September 16, 2016

I received the TomTom Spark to review in exchange this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for your continued support of this little blog of mine. 

Last year I finally invested in a running watch, rather than the not to be trusted cell phone I dutifully carried with me for every run. It was a game changer. This year, I’ve upped the stakes even more with the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music. You guys, this watch is everything.



  • GPS Tracking – Time, distance, speed, pace
  • Multisport Mode – track your runs, treadmill, bike, swim, gym, freestyle
  • 24/7 fitness tracking – not only tracks your steps, but your distance, active minutes and calories burned
  • Heart rate monitor – wrist-based heart rate monitor to measure during workouts
  • Music – 3GB of storage for your music
  • Goal Setting
  • Sleep tracking
  • audio performance tracking
  • wireless syncing
  • water resistant (to 50m)
  • Customizable straps


My Thoughts

I’ve had this watch a few months now, trying out all the various features. At this point, the only thing I haven’t been able to try is the music because I don’t currently have any Bluetooth headphones (sad trombone). I can honestly say, I haven’t found a single thing I dislike about it. This watch really can do everything. There is no need to carry your phone on your run, you don’t need a separate heart rate monitor,  and you can ditch your fitness tracker.

My first outing with my new baby was hiking EEOR in Canmore. I was so surprised that the battery lasted the entire trip, about 5 hours. In fact, the battery lasts for days, especially if you’re not using the GPS. I’ve worn it day and night for up to five days without having to charge it. While the step counter seemed to be off on the hike (there’s no way it was only 1,400 steps!!), the distance, pace and elevation were totally on point.


It’s easy to check out all the data collected from the MyConnect App on your phone.

I haven’t been as serious about running this summer but I know that for next year’s potential half marathon (!!!), I will be using the various training modes of this watch to help me train. Between interval training, race mode and the option of heart rate based training, there’s no excuse for your performance to not improve with some hard work. I have to admit, I have a bad habit of forgetting to check the battery charge before I head out for a run and therefore have had my watch die mid-run multiple times.

Using the fitness and sleep tracking portion of the phone was interesting. I had never paid attention to my steps before and it was really an eye opener at work. It’s not something I consistently monitor and I know I should. I found the sleep tracker to be the least useful because it really only seemed to tell you how many hours of supposed sleep you had, there was no further data to tell you if you were restless and it didn’t seem to know if you woke up to pee in the night, haha.


Doesn’t it look nice too? Like my original TomTomRunner, you can customize the straps. We all know how important it is for your accessories to match your running outfit, right? I’m quite smitten with the jet black colour though, especially with my Momentum Wrap.

All in all, I think if you’re looking for a new device, this should be it. Despite TomTom being a lesser known brand, they continue to impress me with their products, this watch is no exception.

Have you heard of TomTom before?
What features would you like most from this watch? 

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  • Reply
    Rachel @ Better LIVIN
    September 16, 2016 at 7:39 am

    I’m OBSESSED with my Tomtom Spark and I recommend it to everyone especially because it holds music! Get the bluetooth headphones because it is so amazing to run listening to music and not be attached to a string!

    • Reply
      September 16, 2016 at 8:56 pm

      I’m working on it!

  • Reply
    Jo @ Living Mint Green
    September 16, 2016 at 11:14 am

    I have heard of TomTom but until fairly recently, assumed it was the “Wal Mart option” of sports watches. I love the Bluetooth/music connectivity of this one! FUN!

    • Reply
      September 16, 2016 at 8:56 pm

      Isn’t that feature SO FUN! It definitely is not the Walmart option. It is just one well kept secret.

  • Reply
    Brie @ A Slice of Brie
    September 17, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Well this watch sounds amazing! I love that it can store music for you too – how smart! How do blue tooth headphones even work…do you have to charge them too? Or do they use batteries? I can’t keep up!

    • Reply
      September 18, 2016 at 9:17 am

      This watch really is amazing. You have to charge Bluetooth headphones :p

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