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Fitness Friday: TomTom Runner Review

October 30, 2015

It’s no surprise that I’m pretty amateur when it comes to running. For years I ran just to run, without caring about pace, distance, etc. I just ran occasionally as a way to fit in some cardio. Over the last year or two,  I’ve started to track those things a little more, usually using various apps on my phone to do so. It got to the point where a) the apps didn’t have all the functions I wanted b) carrying my phone was a pain.

After battling with my phone for an entire race this summer, I drove straight to Best Buy to reward myself with a running watch. I deserved it after getting a PR when I thought I was having the worst run ever.  The TomTom Runner had everything I wanted in a watch, with fun colours and the best part? It was just under $100. Even though I’m still not competitive or very serious about my running, it is nice to now have something to gauge my running and strive to do better.


What do I love about the TomTom Runner?

  • Easy to connect to GPS satellites – Once in awhile it takes awhile to connect, but most of the time it connects super quick.
  • One button to toggle  – I don’t have to fumble with a bunch of buttons to see the information I need during my runs. I can easily scroll through screens to see my time, duration, distance, pace, average pace, laps, lap time, calories, etc.
  • Intervals! The biggest downfall to any iPhone app was that they never had an interval function. I can set the watch to run intervals based on time or distance.
  • Zones – You can connect with a HRM and run within a set heart rate zone, speed zone or pace zone. I haven’t used this function yet, but will be great to set your min and max zone to stay within for reaching those PR goals.
  • Race – there’s a function that allows you to race your previous runs that are stored within the watch or it’s corresponding app.
  • Laps – This is the function I use most often lately, that notifies me every kilometre I reach.
  • Treadmill function – I haven’t used this yet. Although it’s easy enough to use the treadmills display, the watch is good to keep your run data stored to review.
  • CUTE FACTOR – When I was shopping for watches, I found the Garmins to be kind of big and ugly. The TomTom is slim and comes in several different colours, plus you can order additional bands that are easy to switch out if you’re like me and love to be matchy matchy.
  • Connect to Nike+ – Nike+ was my app of choice prior to getting the watch and the MySports App that tracks your runs easily syncs with the Nike app. Both apps are great for looking back at your stats, splits and maps to follow along with your training plan.


I am very happy with all of the various functions, ease of use, and best the lower price point of the TomTom runner. This watch will definitely help training for the Jugo Juice 10k as part of the Calgary Marathon my first scheduled race of 2016. I’m hoping it will be my 10k PR race.

Do you run with a GPS watch? 
Which one and what do you love about it? 

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    Brie @ A Slice of Brie
    October 31, 2015 at 9:26 am

    I so want this watch now! I have a really old Garmin one – the big red one (you know the one – it’s huge!). I also have just been relying on my phone to track my runs but I hate having to use data while doing this. I like that this one links up to Nike+ and the price point is great. I feel like I can’t really justify buying or asking for a new watch tho – Jim will say “but you never even use your old one!” haha!!

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