Long Weekend Recap

September 1, 2014

Well here we are in September already, how did that happen!? We went into the long weekend with no real plans and it turned out to be a pretty awesome, low key weekend.

Friday afternoon my coworker and I took a quick break from the office to grab coffees and practice headstands in the park. We are both working on our headstands lately so we were sharing pointers with each other. I’m a little bit obsessed with practicing them now, so I apologize in advance for all the headstand talk.


I honestly don’t even remember what I did after Liam went to bed so it clearly wasn’t even worth talking about.

Liam and I hit farmers market without the usual crew in the morning. Everyone seemed to have other plans this weekend but that was ok. I had my first pumpkin Americano of the season from Cool Beans. It ended up being much warmer than I expected so we took advantage of the sunshine and walked over to a nearby playground for Liam to run around. My uncle had texted a last minute invite to the lake while we were there so we headed home to grab some beach clothes and headed over there.


We had a great afternoon despite Liam only napping for about half an hour in the car. It’s always great to visit with them and Liam loves playing out there in the sand. I had to make a mad dash home after supper because the crankiness was hitting and he got a cupcake for dessert. I managed to beat any impending meltdown so that was a huge success! The rest of the night was spent on the balcony enjoying some red wine, watching a storm roll in. No complaints about that evening whatsoever.

We had a slow, lazy start to the day, watching Bubble Guppies and eating breakfast before heading out for some errands. I was brave and went to Costco for some essential items and then grocery shopping. I managed to spend nearly my entire grocery budget so the next couple weeks may get creative. Thank goodness I purchased a mid-season vegetable share so at least I will have fresh vegetables. After groceries we made a stop in to visit a friend where I picked up some new-to-me clothes she was getting rid of.

After we came home, Liam had lunch and went for a nap while I prepped dinner. I prepared artichoke stuffed chicken breasts, garlic roasted vegetables (carrots, beets and zucchini, all from my vegetable share), roasted sweet and white potatoes, and grilled tomatoes topped with crumbled herb and garlic goat cheese. It’s afternoons like that where I really miss being on maternity leave and having the time to prepare a good meal. Most days I just throw something plain and easy together because I just don’t have time between work and spending time with Liam.

Once Liam was up from his nap we headed to Heritage Ranch to meet up with Natalia for a run and park date. I hadn’t ran with Liam for awhile but he actually seemed to enjoy himself this time. We didn’t keep time or distance but I’d estimate we did around 4k in 20-30 minutes. It was really great until suddenly the wheel fell off the front of the stroller just after we finished…

Luckily it was just a loose latch that caused it to fall off and was no big deal to put back. I laughed pretty hard, I must admit. I’m just thankful it didn’t happen as we were running down a hill or something.



After that fiasco, I let Liam run around at the playground while Natalia and I practiced some headstands some more. I told you, I am obsessed. I was so happy to be able to hold a forearm headstand when I had only ever attempted it for the first time on Friday.


By the time we left the park it was nearly Liam’s bed time and I realized we had yet to even make dinner let alone eat anything. Liam requested toast for supper so I obliged rather than keeping him up an hour past bed time just to cook him dinner. Once he was in bed I threw everything on the grill and tidied up before a girlfriend came by for a wine date.

We got up and headed out the door bright and early to have breakfast with Alix. We hadn’t seen her forever and she had to work later in the morning so that was our best option. We had a nice little visit watching the kids be goofy although I was happy to get home and pour myself a cup of coffee and just relax. I put a movie on Netflix for Liam and enjoyed some snuggles. Then I got hit with the baking bug and pulled out a giant can of pumpkin to get create with. Tis the season, right?



Liam helped me make blueberry pumpkin muffins, pumpkin freezer fudge and pumpkin pancakes to eat for breakfast. It was so fun letting him help me mix everything together. He loved helping and I will have to make more of an effort to bake with him in the future.

The rest of the afternoon went slightly downhill with the refusal to nap and screaming bloody murder because of it. I finally got him down for an hour or so before another girlfriend and her little girl popped in for a quick visit. I’m excited that she’s been expanding her photography business over the last year and I’ve scheduled a fall session for Liam and I with her in the next few weeks. Once they left, Liam and I ate dinner, played and had another bed time fight. Not sure what the deal with that is all of a sudden but man was it exhausting. I so badly just wanted to call it a night after, but I hit my yoga mat to melt away all of the frustration and ended up feeling much better.

With no real plans, it turned into a great weekend. I loved how every night I asked Liam if he had a good day before putting him to bed and he always said yes before giving me a huge hug and kiss.

How was your long weekend? 
Are you embracing the pumpkin/fall explosion yet? 

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    September 1, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    We had a fairly low key weekend too, similar to yours, I baked pumpkin cookies and pancakes, went to the market and dealt with a cranky kid who didn’t want to nap!

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    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub
    September 2, 2014 at 7:02 am

    Sounds like a great weekend and some yummy pumpkin goodies!

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