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#SundayRunday – The Shoe Edition

August 17, 2014

Good evening fellow runners! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a great weekend, but I will wait until tomorrow to share that with you.

Despite being really tired, I was excited to get out for a run this morning before Liam got home. I finally bought new shoes yesterday and was excited to test them out. Since I’ve been barefoot running for the past few years, it was recommended I move into a minimalist shoe for a bit rather than just jumping right back into regular running shoes. I ended up buying two pairs of shoes, the New Balance Minimus and a pair of Reeboks. I took the New Balance’s out this morning, no distance in mind, and headed towards the river. I ended up being out for an hour, walking and running about 6km. My shoes started rubbing at about 3k. I don’t get it! They felt so good in the store! While I was taking a break from walking, a coworker passed me and I made the mistake of saying hi. He asked me why I was moving and told me to get my butt moving so I ended up running with him for a couple km. Once we parted ways, I walked the rest of the way home, eager to get my shoes off. I know they say running shoes don’t need to be ‘broke in’, but I’m really hoping these will stop rubbing eventually. I’m also mad because the Reeboks that I bought ended up being training shoes, not running shoes. Thanks sales person for letting me know that….So frustrating. So I guess sometime I will be going to exchange them for something else.


From Kaella:
Some days running is very tough! Today was one of those days. I couldn’t get out of my head for today’s long run and had to take a lot of walking breaks. I’m definitely excited for my next run and hope it’ll be better! I’m four weeks away from my next half marathon!

I always run in Mizuno Wave Riders. They’re a neutral shoe which works for my high arch. I upgraded to the 17’s at Christmas and just got these beauties for an early birthday present (thank you Sportchek BOGO!!)


From Jenni:
Ran 5k on the treadmill today. Felt great. I haven’t had a good run in 2 weeks and it felt good to finally enjoy a run. 

I run in a pair of pink Adidas. I honestly don’t know what they are called. I bought them well before I started running and really didn’t put that much thought into them when I bought them, I just got them because they were cute and on clearance. They’ve worked awesome for me, and I’m kinda sad they are nearing their retirement soon.


From Lindsey:
Today was my longest planned training run for the Lethbridge half coming up. I’ll admit I was dreading the 19km run solo so when a friend texted me to join for 15km it made my day. The run flew by, we chatted and before I knew it 15km was done. After I did an additional 4km on my own and was back home by 10:30am. I also bought new shoes today! A couple months ago I made the mistake of buying a different shoe that felt great at the time but kill my feet now. I was putting off buying new shoes because of the cost ($160) but knew I needed them now, and having old or worn out runners is one of the biggest mistakes a runner can make. Check out my lovely new Mizunos, I’ll never cheat on them again 😉


From Stephanie:
I almost wimped out, but I’m so glad I didn’t! I did just over 5 km in 34:59- my goal was 5km in 35 minutes. I am so happy with that! Not bad after a night of far too much wine 😉20140817_181923

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