Weekend Recap

July 28, 2014

I just realized this was the last weekend of July. How can that be? I’m not ready for it to be August already. Once it’s August that means it won’t be long until September and then October and then I will have a two year old and then it will be Christmas and then it will be a whole new year. Deep breath. Time just needs to slow down. So let’s savour the past weekend shall we?

After work was the standard routine, pick Liam up, eat dinner, be goofy for awhile and go to bed. It had been rainy and miserable all day which left my mood much the same. I almost didn’t hit my yoga mat for my schedule workout, but I forced myself to do it and felt much better. I settled in to catch up on last week’s episode of Suits before calling it a night.

Liam treated me to a bit of a sleep in. We woke up to some rain around 8am which was kind of nice. We cuddled up on the couch for some Bubble Guppies before I set out to make breakfast and get ready for the day. My parents came around 10 just in time for the rain to stop and we hit the road to the Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail.


Liam’s attention span was short and he started getting cranky midway through. I think he was hungry since it was getting close to lunch time. Luckily it doesn’t take long to see all the animals there. We didn’t get to meet the beaver which I was really hoping for, but that just means we have an excuse to go back again.

We drove a few short minutes down the highway some more to the Starlite Diner Car for lunch. For anyone that remembers my pin-up photoshoot in the diner, this is owned by the same guy. I was happy we managed to get a table there. I’ve always wanted to eat at one of these diners. Despite the slow service, it was good diner style food and they even had gluten free options for Mom.

Starlite Collage

We made the trek home and said goodbye to my parents so Liam could go for a very late nap. It was almost 3pm before he went down and he slept until close to 6! We were out of groceries and had nothing for dinner so we went for a trip to the mall. I bought Liam his potty since he keeps wanting to sit on the toilet after his bath and then grabbed dinner to go from Opa. Liam went to bed close to 8, but not without loudly singing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen in his crib. He’s such a character.

Of course Liam couldn’t treat me to two sleep-ins in a row. He was up at 7:30 which was ok because we got some time together before his dad came to pick him up after 8:30. Once I kissed him goodbye, I hit the yoga mat for a sweaty yoga with weights session and then hit the trail for my #SundayRunday. I wanted to get that out of the way as quick as possible. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning the house before rinsing off and heading out to buy groceries.


Once all the work was done, I headed downtown to check out Centre Fest. I had met up with a friend but we ended up not staying long and going to Fionn MacCool’s for drinks and a bite to eat instead. I always look forward to Centre Fest but this year I just wasn’t into the acts that were performing while I was down there. Maybe Saturday was the day to go??

The rest of my Sunday evening was spent catching up on blog stuff, doing some meal prep, and enjoying my clean house before the week starts. Tonight I think I will finally be able to hit up yoga in the park before Liam comes home which I’m super excited for. Fingers crossed for perfect weather this evening and then I will be able to cross off a quarter of the things on my summer bucket list already!

How was everyone’s weekend? Get up to anything exciting? 

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    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub
    July 28, 2014 at 10:39 am

    I know I can’t believe it was the last weekend of July! I don’t even want to think about summer being over yet. At least you got outside and enjoyed the weekend.

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