Three (plus one) Things Thursday

June 5, 2014

Just a little bit of randomness today

1) The nice weather we’ve been having lately really makes me miss last summer being on mat leave with Liam. I hope to soak up as much of the sun as I can this summer and hopefully do lots of fun things. I can tell you one thing I wish I could do more often is enjoy lunch on the patio with a fantastic group of friends! Tuesday I had lunch at Fionn MacCool’s for a friends birthday and it was really hard having to go back to work instead of having a nice cold beverage in the sun!

Fionn MacCool's Patio

Happy birthday, Kara!

2) I really love the weekly events in my community. My coworkers have kind of dubbed me their community ambassador because I usually know what’s going on, especially when it comes to food. I have my social media addiction to thank for this. On Tuesday night, Liam and I met up with Cassandra and Oliver at Cool Beans Bus for Truckin’ Tuesday, a weekly, family-friendly food truck night. It was fun not cooking, enjoying a gorgeous evening and letting the boys run around.



Always attracted to the older ladies

Last night we hit up the first downtown market. Thursday nights are Cruise Night, which is basically a show and shine. Of course we always love the public market on Saturday mornings. It’s nice to get out and about, enjoying the days and running into other people you know.

3) I’ve been really missing Crossfit lately. A friend of mine is a bit of a Crossfit addict in Calgary and constantly talking about the WODs. Can I just win the lottery so I can buy a house with a fully equipped Crossfit setup in the garage?

and because I like to break the rules, I’m adding one more thing to Three Things Thursday

4) I was recently sent a bag of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
from Kiss Me Organics to try.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Because I’m lazy, I stopped by Cool Beans Bus and had them whip up a coconut milk latte using the Matcha. I didn’t mind the flavour, I know most people can find Matcha to be a little too ‘green’ tasting, it was quite good with the coconut milk. It isn’t something I’d choose to drink on the regular though, I definitely prefer straight up black coffee in the morning. You also receive a recipe guide when you purchase a bag so next time I get the urge to bake, I’m going to try mixing it into some muffins. I have the perfect opportunity to do so in the next few days as I was given about 8 cups of fresh rhubarb.

Do you like Matcha Green Tea?

Tell me something (or three things!) random today! 

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  • Reply
    June 5, 2014 at 10:47 am

    If you lived in Calgary, I’d let you have my cross fit membership. Ever since I hurt my knee at Crossfit, I’ve had no desire or motivation to go. It’s strange, but oh well. My membership is up in September and not sure that I will renew.

    • Reply
      June 5, 2014 at 6:30 pm

      Could you come babysit too? haha

  • Reply
    June 5, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    The weather makes me miss maternity leave too!! We’ll just have to plan to meet in Calgary more, on weekends, and do fun stuff with our boys this summer 😉

    • Reply
      June 5, 2014 at 6:29 pm

      I TOTALLY agree! Take the second week of July off and come hang out with us in Calgary for a week!

  • Reply
    June 6, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    I’ve never tried Matcha. I must. I know this summer will fly by so I must enjoy it for sure! I know you will still enjoy yours despite not being on mat leave!

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