Weekend Recap

April 14, 2014

Ugh, Monday. Not only is it Monday, but it’s my first day back at work after my little getaway, which makes it that much worse! I actually took Thursday and Friday off work to catch up on life before getting back into routine. It was nice to have the extra days at home with Liam. What did we get up to?

We had a slow start to the morning and eventually headed off to the grocery store to stock up on the necessities. Can I just say how awesome it is to grocery shop in the morning during the week? There was hardly a soul in the store. I took Liam by the bakery counter for an oatmeal cookie. I think he deserved the treat for being such a good little man in Vancouver.


The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and blog work while Liam napped and then a big long walk in the afternoon.

Friday morning I took Liam to a neighbouring town to their new recreation centre. It was rumoured they had a giant play centre for kids that was free for the under 2 crowd so we went to check it out. Liam was a little overwhelmed at first so it took him awhile to gain the confidence to play on his own, and even then we stayed in the little kid area which isn’t nearly as impressive as the bigger part, but I think he still had fun. He just barely stayed awake for the drive home and a few bites of lunch before a nap was a must.


His dad picked him up shortly after he woke from his nap and I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the condo and watching The Internship on Netflix.

I had a lazy morning before venturing downtown to pick up my new computer that I had delivered to my office while I was gone. I also had to get a bead put back on one of my ear piercings and decided to grab a coffee and wander into some shops while I waited for my piercer to free up.

Alix stopped by my place once I was home for a visit. We went out and bought some goodies for a pregnant friend who just got put on bed rest. Poor girl, hope the baby comes soon!! Once Alix went home, I spent the rest of the night getting acquainted with my new computer and transferring photos and music from my PC. What a process! I was shocked when it was suddenly 11pm and I was still sitting here fiddling around!

My Dad stopped by to help me put up some new shelving in my laundry room. We took a quick break for lunch at Fionn McCool’s and I nearly had to be rolled out I was so full. A pint of Guinness and bangers and mash was a bit heavy for lunch, but man was it ever delicious!

Once Dad and I finished with the shelves, he headed for home and I picked up the little man from his dads. He was a bit grumpy when we got home so we didn’t get up to much before he got in the tub and went to bed.

All in all it was a pretty quiet weekend at home, but it was much needed. I feel organized and ready for the week ahead. Even better that the sun was out and the snow is quickly disappearing! Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!


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    April 14, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Sounds like a great weekend! Welcome home 🙂 Liam is adorable, love his leather jacket!

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    April 14, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    I almost always need a day or two after vacation to catch up before going back to work. Vacations are exhausting, esp with children!

    The grocery store is pretty nice during the week days. Audrey always manages to get a cookie at the grocery store too!

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