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Fitness Friday: My Favourite Fitness Apps

January 3, 2014

How is it Friday already!? Yesterday felt like Monday with the day off in the middle of the week so it feels pretty nice that it’s already Friday again. I could get used to having Wednesday’s off!

With a new year brings people motivated to get back into shape or lose weight. Regardless if you’re new to the fitness world, or just looking to spice up your routine, I thought I’d share some of my favourite fitness apps as of late.

1) myWOD – For the Crossfitters out there, this app is perfect.

– track your WODs and max lifts and then share them on social media.
– 150 common WODs to make working out on your own super easy!
– create your own custom WODs and save for future use
– add your gyms RSS/ATOM feed to access daily WODs
– multiple different timers that allow you to access iPod music
– how to videos
– heart rate monitor and lots lots more!

I’m the kind of person that likes to write stuff down but I found it a pain to be constantly flipping through my WOD book to find previous maxes and whatnot. Using the app makes everything so much easier to find and gives you a better review of your progress.

2) Obstacle Trainer – obstacle racing is gaining in popularity more and more each year. If you really want to focus on training for a race this year, whether it’s your first obstacle race or you’re just looking to step your game up, Obstacle Trainer is the way to go.


– choose from time-based or distance based workouts
– choose the number of obstacles and your difficult level
– track your progress
– access various levels of exercise tutorials complete with videos
– usable at a park, trail or pavement

Even if you’re not looking to run an obstacle race, this app would be a great tool to incorporate body weight movements into a run. I love how easy to use and fun it is and look forward to using it more to train for the Mud Hero that I’m registered for again this summer.

(note: the lovely people at Obstacle Trainer paid for my app download in exchange for my honest blog review.)

3) PumpUp – this is a new to me app and I love love love it.


– choose your training goal, whether it be to lose weight, get toned or build muscle
– choose from three different fitness levels
– choose your workout duration
– select whether you’re doing a workout at home, at the gym, or on the road
– select the equipment you have to work with (my favourite part)
– choose your target muscle groups (full body, lower body, upper body or core)
– add on a core circuit or conditioning circuit
– follow along with voice coaching and HD motion images
– track your progress and get personalized feedback.

Seriously, this app is a personal trainer on your phone and it’s FREE. I can’t even believe how much you get out of this app and it doesn’t cost a thing. This app makes working out at home so easy. I don’t have to search forever to find a workout that I can do using what little equipment at home, I just have to make a few selections and it’s done for me.

4) Nike Training Club – this is another app that’s hard to believe it’s free!


– choose from individual workouts or structured workout 4 week training plans
– workouts led by Nike Master Trainers and world class athletes
– step-by-step visual guides and demonstrations
– various workout lengths to meet your needs
– ability to track programmed runs with Nike+ Running app

I haven’t used this app for awhile but I used to use it all the time when I was travelling. It is perfect and so easy to use wherever you are.

5) Nike+ Running – I haven’t used the Nike+ Running app personally, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

-training programs for any level of run
– track your progress (distance, pace and time) with GPS
– in-run audio feedback
– compete in Nike+ Challenges or compete with friends
– take customized photos during your run (super cool feature!)

I definitely recommend checking out both to reach your fitness goals this year!

And while it’s not an app I do have to share a bit more information about YogaGlo.

– $18/month for unlimited yoga classes in the comfort of your own home. That’s the price of ONE class at a studio!
– choose yoga classes based on your favourite type of yoga, your favourite teacher, the duration of your practice, your personal yoga level, based on specific needs, specific body parts and even if you want your practice done to music or not.
– track your progress
– schedule classes and set weekly goals

I had been searching for some good yoga DVDs to purchase so I can get my namaste on at home, but I’m so glad I decided to invest my money into YogaGlo instead. I think that $18/month will be put to good use from now on.

What are your fitness goals for 2014?
What are your favourite fitness apps? 

Also, someone should order me some Activate Apparel tanks like this one or this one because they are seriously badass and I’m broke.

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