Remembrance Day Weekend Recap

November 12, 2013

That weekend went by in a flash! What did we get up to?

Liam had a fever in the evening so he went to bed early even though his dad was trying to get home in time to take him overnight.  I crawled into bed to catch up on Parenthood

Liam’s dad picked him up first thing in the morning. I crawled back into bed as I had two nights in a row of waking up every hour-two hours. I’m tired on a normal day but I was extra tired this time. I had intended to go to the 10am Crossfit class but sleep ruled. I got out of bed, showered and met my parents for lunch at Earl’s. I had my usual, chicken, brie and fig sandwich with sweet potato fries. Can’t go wrong. I then spent far too much money on groceries, gas and wine, stopping at Costco, Big Bend and Safeway. I came home and made a double batch of that yummy butternut squash bacon soup to freeze and enjoy for lunch.

I then headed out to the Canadian Brewhouse for a birthday. I didn’t know many people but was happy to enjoy a couple pints and some greasy pub food without worrying about getting home to a sleeping baby.

Another much needed sleep in that still didn’t feel like long enough. Met up with the grew at Heritage Ranch again for brunch. They have seriously delicious brunch and you should probably all go check it out next weekend. Just save me a table please. Liam’s dad dropped him off shortly after I got home and we headed out to the lake to visit my aunt and uncle. We had a relaxing afternoon playing with Liam. Unfortunately he started to get tired incredibly early so I had to rush through dinner and leave earlier than anticipated. I always hate eating and running there but appreciate getting the chance to visit more often.

Sunday night was spent enjoying my new Dearly Beloved wine. The entire bottle may be empty, it’s just that good. I also watched possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time, Redemption. Jason Stathom is always nice to look at but I had no idea what the point of this movie was. If you’re looking for something on Netflix, skip this one.

I put on the Remembrance Day ceremony on TV while Liam and I hung out. We had a nice quiet morning together before heading to Cassandra’s for babysitting duty. I thought that babysitting two (almost) one year olds and an eleven year old would be chaotic but it was actually no big deal. I came home and made a huge batch of coconut chicken before putting Liam to bed, catching up on some cleaning and having a nice hot bath.

What was the highlight of your weekend? 

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    November 12, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Sounds like a great weekend!! We amwere gonna watch that movie, thanks for the heads up. That is my go to at Earls too!!

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