Fitness Friday

August 9, 2013

Color Me Rad 5K (which apparently was actually only 3.5k, but that’s ok with me because the course was hilly and my legs were on fire from 200 squats the previous night.



Press – Test for 1RM – I increased my 1RM 10# to 70#

With a continuously running clock complete:
– 2 box jumps and 2 push ups
*Add 2 reps to each movement at the top of each minute.

*continue until you can’t complete the reps within the minute

I got to 5 minutes plus 12 box jumps + 6 pushups. Totally a quick and dirty WOD. Box jumps just sucked everything I had to be able to pound out push-ups. It doesn’t help that I’m not particularly good at either movement. It was a nice challenge though and great for a holiday!


Box Squat – 75% 4×5 – I was squatting 85#. I love a good squat and I feel like I don’t do them often enough. Have I ever mentioned how badly I wish I had my own rack, bar and plates so I could lift at home? Oh, and also a place to put them. I’d be working SO hard to make gains nearly every day. Truth.

AMRAP in 15 min:
– 400m run
– 10 burpees

Do you know how much I love running WODs? I don’t. I hate them. They are just disgusting. Burpees AND running. Who is the sick person that came up with this? I’d like a word with them.

Melea noted that the 8pm generally always has lower scores than the earlier classes which is something I’ve noticed as well. It often frustrates me that I don’t always have better scores because I feel as though I shouldn’t always be on the bottom of the Crossfit totem pole. But as Melea pointed out, our energy isn’t as high at the end of the day, we’re tired, etc. I bet I would feel better about my scores if I was consistently working out in the morning when I’m fresh from a full night of sleep, instead of drained after looking after my busy boy all day.

After looking at the previous days scores and knowing my energy level, I made myself a goal of at least 4 rounds and I got exactly that.



Power Clean – 85% 5×3 – I used 75#

Because the WOD was really short, Ky (who’s filling in for Melea while she’s on holidays on the coast) said we can work on some more strength or skill or whatever we wanted. I thought it was a good opportunity to find another 1RM since I don’t make it to those classes anymore. Since last week I missed the box squat 1RM that’s what I went with. I was happy to increase my PR from 110# to 125#. As everyone says with my squats, I still need to work on pushing my knees out. Stupid knees.

5 rounds:
– 5 Push Press @ 60% of Rack Jerk (each round starts with weight on the floor) – I used 55#
– 10 Box jumps

I finished in 4:55. Those box jumps really take it out of me! Damn being so short (I’m 5’3″)

Rest – I’m not doing anything today so I can feel in tip top shape for the Mud Hero tomorrow! No silly WODs like 200 squats this week, haha.

Good luck to everyone running the Mud Hero in Red Deer this weekend and to everyone running the Sea Wheeze in Vancouver tomorrow!

I’m running Mud Hero at 9:30 tomorrow morning and then will be volunteering at the registration table once I’m finished and cleaned up. If you’re hanging out or running in the afternoon, come say hi!

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    Allison @ Train Eat Repeat
    August 9, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    running and burpees, thats my dream WOD lol If someone else didn’t already create that, I would have been the sick person 😛
    Dang i’m so sad that I cant be at the Mud Hero with you this weekend. I’ll try harder next year!

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