Eight Months

June 18, 2013

Yesterday afternoon Layne took Liam to visit with some of his family that were in town for a funeral. I always get a little bummed when I have baby free time because I just love hanging out with that little guy so much. But I blitzed around doing some much needed cleaning and then had a really great visit with an old friend that was in town from Ontario. When Liam came home he was all hugs and snuggles for me and it just melted my heart (and may have brought a tear to my eye!). Then I headed to Lindsey’s gender reveal party! I’m so excited for her and her husband and their baby GIRL! Yeah, Liam has a new little girlfriend brewing. All of my friends this year have had girls which is super exciting because I get to buy all the adorable girly things. It seems everyone I knew having kids last year had boys, and everyone this year is having girls. Maybe next year it will be back to boys again.

On Friday Liam turned 8 months old! What a month it’s been. I feel like I no longer have a baby anymore because Liam is looking so much like a little man. I’m going to have a toddler before I know it. The days are getting so fun now, especially since I’m not constantly hooked up to the pump and can have more freedom. Weight: He hasn’t been weighed since he was six months, but I estimate him to be around 22-24lbs. Our bucket seat is only good until 22lbs so the convertible car seat has been purchased. I’m just not ready to have it installed yet. Having the bucket seat is so convenient for nap times and I’m really nervous for what will happen when nap time hits when we can’t be at home.

Length: Also hasn’t been measured since six months but this kid is TALL. I carry him around and feel like I’m carrying a two year old. He’s going to be taller than me in no time.

Clothes: He’s exclusively in 12 month sizes now. Pants are difficult because of his big fluffy cloth diaper butt, so he sometimes looks like a hoodlum with his too big of pants but that’s ok. We are still trying to find a baseball hat for him. I want one that doesn’t look babyish, but can’t find any small enough anywhere. Feedings: He is still taking 5 bottles a day, approximately 5 or 6oz a bottle. Unfortunately this little monkey doesn’t like to be held anymore so we usually lie him on the floor for his bottle. Before bed we just lie him in his crib with it and he will toss it when he’s done and falls right asleep. Same with the middle of the night. No matter what he will just squirm and claw your face. I’ve even tried giving him something to play with while I give him his bottle but it doesn’t work. This makes me sad that I don’t get those minutes of cuddle time while he eats! As for real food, he gobbles up his fruit and oatmeal super quick in the morning. Lunch and dinner we mix purees and baby led weaning, depending on what I have on hand. He prefers to feed himself so I like to give him chunks of leftovers, fruit, veggies, pickles, etc. This gets really messy, I have to sweep the floors daily and am usually always covered in whatever he’s been eating. It’s fun though. I love giving him new things and watching his reaction. On Father’s Day we gave him a piece of bison bacon and he went nuts over it! Sleep: Liam went through a short phase of sleeping through the night which was AWESOME, but then he started waking up again. I’m really hoping the sleeping through the night phase comes back (and stays back!). He still usually takes three one-hour long naps during the day although he will sometimes randomly nap longer or fight his afternoon nap. I’m hoping now that the bucket seat is gone he will wean himself to two naps a day. Teeth: He got THREE new teeth this month for a total of five! I thought he was working on the top two and then randomly a bottom one popped up first. Then the top ones came a week or so later. He’s STILL rubbing things on his gums like crazy so I wonder if there are more right behind.

Personality: He is short tempered just like his mama (oops). He gets really frustrated when he can’t do something or have something and will cry when I tell him no or take something away. He is still Mr. Serious when we are out and about or around new people. But once he’s had some time to warm up to new people or places, he’s back to his happy, chatty, goofy self. He giggles at everything now and still likes to ham it up for us.

Milestones: He’s still only rolling, no crawling yet.

Likes: animals, bouncing, standing, his giant teddy bear (and stuffed animals in general), peek-a-boo, making noise, kicking EVERYTHING

Dislikes: not being able to get things in front of him, being held, new things

Mamas, any tips on transitioning from bucket seat to regular car seat?

Of interest for my mama to be friends: FREE STUFF! I wish I would have known about this a long time ago!

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  • Reply
    June 18, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Oh I love his squishy face!! He is so adorable!

    That would make me so sad if A didn’t want to cuddle while having a bottle anymore. Must break your heart! Is he too hot maybe?

    I also was/am sad when I don’t have baby time. I think it’s because I knew I was going back to work so I didn’t want to miss a minute with her. I guess that’s a good thing that we don’t want to leave our babies!

    I didn’t find the transition to the convertible seat too hard. Audrey really started to dislike the bucket seat because she was so reclined. We installed the convertible seat in J’s truck first and could tell she was much happier so I finally broke down and installed the convertible seat in my car also. It does suck when they fall asleep since you can’t move them as easily but sometimes I can transfer Audrey to her crib no problem. It really depends on how tired she is.

    She stopped falling asleep when we were out a long time ago though- unless we were in the car for awhile. She was just too distracted.

    • Reply
      June 20, 2013 at 10:50 am

      Yes it’s very sad that he doesn’t want to cuddle anymore. He’s just too busy rolling around, playing and exploring to be held.

      Luckily, it seems the past few days Liam has been transitiong to two longer naps a day!! Just what I wanted now that we don’t have the bucket. This should make life a bit easier. 🙂

  • Reply
    Allison @ Train Eat Repeat
    June 18, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    omg how cute is that kid, seriously! he’s looking so grown up! where is the time going gees.

  • Reply
    June 19, 2013 at 8:42 am

    Time flies! Seriously, I swear I just saw you and you were pregnant!! Crazy. He is such a handsome little guy!!

    • Reply
      June 20, 2013 at 10:48 am

      I know! Feels like just yesterday! I think we should have another meet up this summer!

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