Fitness Friday

June 7, 2013

It’s FRIDAY! I had some good workouts this week. Not as much running as I had hoped to fit in (aka NO running), but at least I made it to Crossfit three times!


I was so pumped for this workout when I saw the Weekly WOD schedule. But Monday morning I saw that there was no childcare and Liam decided to nap longer than usual. Since there was no childcare, I wasn’t quick to wake him to go like usual. I decided I would try for the 5pm class instead and just bring Liam with me to that one. It’s usually much quieter at that time so he shouldn’t be as fussy. Luckily Layne got home from work just in the nick of time and I was able to go without worrying about Liam! What a different group at that time! Seemed like it was all high school boys, haha. I was the only girl aside from Coach Melea. 

I PR’d my power clean by only 5# so I’m sitting at 85#. I had attempted 95# but it was a little too ambitious and I couldn’t get it after multiple attempts. I tried to go down to 90# but I think I was too fatigued so I stuck with 85#. A PR is a PR so I’ll take it!

I loved the WOD. We were forced to do double unders for this one which I was excited for. I used to hate them but now that I’m getting better at them, I really like them. My knees to elbows are getting better too. I can ALMOST get my knees to my elbows lol. When I first did these I couldn’t even get the movement, I just ended up swinging so I’m really happy with how far I’ve come with them.

I got 97 double unders and 54 K2E for a total of 151 reps.


Mom and Baby yoga in the morning followed by Crossfit in the evening.

Rack Jerk – 75% 4×5 – I used 75# even though my 1RM is a little less than 100# so I was about 5# heavier than it should have been. It was a little tough for me, but I powered through.

– 20 Thrusters @ 30% Front Squat
– 200m run
– 15 Thrusters
– 200m run
– 10 Thrusters
– 200m run
– 5 Thrusters

My front squat is 100# so I thought I would just use two 15# dumb bells. Melea encouraged me to try a 35# bar instead and if I needed to go down I could throw some weights on the training bar. Surprisingly the 35# bar was good!

I finished in 7:01.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had plans to go for a run before a crazy windstorm hit. Sad trombone.


Bench – 85% 5×3 – I used 55# but I felt like I could have gone heavier. I hadn’t tested my bench since January so I’m sure it would have gone up significantly.

5 rounds:
– 250m row
– 30% Squats

 I went into this WOD assuming my max squat was 50, which is the cap, so I would have been doing 33 squats per round. After the first round I was wondering if my max was actually 40 but I still trucked through. After finishing I looked back and saw that it was actually 50. So brutal though.

I finished in 11:55, I really pushed at the end to finish under 12 minutes. It was the slowest time on the board.

Afterwards Melea had us do 100 Russian twists.

What is one thing you really hated but have grown to really like doing?

Something to read: I follow the Eat To Perform blog and just read a good post on tips for back squat. I really need to remember these next time I do that lift.

Fun Fact: Someone at the gym awhile ago said that blood/metallic taste in your mouth after a hard workout is caused by lactic acid build up. I tried doing some digging online but couldn’t find anything to confirm or deny it so who know if it’s true or not. But it would make sense.

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