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Fitness Friday: Refueling!

May 24, 2013

Since I don’t have much in the way of workouts this week, I thought I would chat about some of my favorite products for refueling!

But first, the workouts!

Monday the gym was closed and since Layne was home, I took advantage of being able to sneak away without the baby. I headed to Heritage Ranch with my new speed rope and did a crossfit workout followed by a job around the ranch trail. I completed 5 rounds of 100 skips and 50 squats. That was a tough one to finish and I paid for it all week! Tuesday I was walking like a total goober. I finished in 13 minutes. I also worked on some double unders and managed to string together 10 in a row, I was pretty pumped about that.

Tuesday was yoga which was hard to get through with my sore legs from all the squats. I skipped Crossfit Tuesday night since I was at Mumford and Sons!  Thursday I strapped Liam into the stroller for our first stroller one. It was much harder than I expected. We ended up walking more than running.

With Liam still being sick, I didn’t want him interacting with the other kids at the gym and passing along his germs so that was the extent of workouts this week. 

Now on to my favorite refuel products!

The folks at AMRAP Nutrition sent me a box of their Refuel bars to try out. They are perfect to grab when I don’t have time to make a proper post-workout snack or shake. They are completely paleo with no preservatives or anything. All they contain is raw almond butter, unsweetened coconut, egg white protein powder, raw sesame seeds, raw almond chunks, raw honey, ground cinnamon and sea salt. Along with 14 grams of protein, they contain the perfect amount of amino acids to help repair and build muscle. I now have a few bars in my gym bag and even my diaper bag for those just in case moments!

AMRAP Nutrition, for Crossfit Athletes on the Paleo diet!

The number one thing I turn to for post workout nutrition is a quick and easy protein shake. This was the one thing I missed when I did my Whole 30 Challenge. The usual suspects from in my shakes include protein powder, spinach, a banana and coconut milk. Right now my favorite protein powder is Athletic Alliance Prodigy Multi-Source Protein Powder. It contains a 7 source protein blend with Colostrum, which as a mother weirded me out a bit. But I did some research and found out that bovine colostrum has many great benefits for athletes. Each scoop has 27g of protein, is low calorie and low carb, sweetened with Stevia AND is delicious. The last protein powder I tried was so chalky, didn’t have much flavor and mixed horribly. This
stuff tastes amazing, doesn’t clump and makes me feel so great after a workout.

Athletic Alliance also sent me some of their Rocket Pre-Activity and REGEN X Mid/Post Workout but because they contain stimulants, I have to wait until I’m done nursing.

Since I was such a fan of KOGE Vitamins, I decided to order their Energy Pack for an extra boost not only during the day, but pre-workout as well. Both Layne and I are excited to try these out. Don’t forget if you want to order your own vitamin packs from KOGE, use the code BEXFACTOR for 20% off.

What are your favorite products to support your workouts? 

How were your workouts this week? Hit any PRs? 

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  • Reply
    May 24, 2013 at 8:08 am

    I love Vega products, their protein specifically. I used to use Sharkies and GU gels on long runs too.

    • Reply
      May 24, 2013 at 9:27 am

      It was actually the Vega protein that I wasn’t a fan of. I WANT to love it, because of how natural it is compared to other brands. But I had such a hard time with it clumping that I felt like I was wasting half of it.

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