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Long Weekend Recap

May 21, 2013

Up here in Canada it was a long weekend for us. I was excited for it since I had a couple fun things planned!

My weekend started bright and early Friday morning. I was up before Liam was even to get ready to head out to Ponoka for the day. My mom had come to watch Liam, it was our first full day away from each other! I was off to be an extra in a low budget zombie flick! I caught wind of it last minute on Twitter, as one of my Tweeps was doing makeup and another was an extra with his kids. Since being in a movie is on my bucket list, I figured I’d join in on the fun!

It was a long day. Our call time was between 8 and 9:00am. There were 30 zombie extras and only three makeup artists so it was a bit of a wait for makeup. I got in around 10:30 for my makeup.


The unfortunate part was all that latex, gelatin and wheat germ was on my face for a very long time. The day started off rainy and overcast but by afternoon it was hot and sunny, which made all that stuff on my face even worse. Filming for the zombies started around 2pm and didn’t end until close to 7pm. It was a very, very long afternoon and I was so ready to get home.

It will be interesting to see how this movie turns out when editing is completed. The director, CJ Hutchinson has already filmed other zombie flicks, one of which is said to be one of the worst zombie movies ever and coincidentally becoming a cult classic. CJ’s latest flick, Masked Maniac vs The Zombies, is already entered into several film festivals, including the Underground Horror Festival in Oklahoma. It will be screened this fall and I’m excited to see if my zombie character makes it into the movie so I can cross off my bucket list item!

It was after 7 by the time I got home to relieve my mom of babysitter duties. Poor ma had a hard time with Liam not eating all day, being cranky and causing her stress. I had warned her that he was teething but apparently it was much worse than that.

The poor guy was up every few hours, having a really hard time sleeping all night. He was running a fever, coughing and had a runny nose. Poor guy! He was miserable all morning despite my best efforts to make him feel better. We eventually got him calmed down enough to head out. It was the first farmer’s market of the year and I couldn’t wait to wander through it. I figured the fresh air would help him sleep and hopefully clear out whatever was ailing him.

We immediately went to my favorite booth for sausage and perogies but once we were done we had to make our way back home as my cousin was in town for a visit. Since we didn’t have much time to check everything out, we didn’t end up buying anything. Good thing there are many more markets to come!

The visit with my cousin was hectic since Liam had woken up and was still feeling terrible. We eventually got him back down to sleep after a cool bath and I took my cousin out to ice cream so we could catch up in quiet. He hit the road after ice cream which left me with the sick babe. His fever wasn’t breaking and started to creep up higher so I took him in to the walk in. Turns out it’s just a viral infection and there wasn’t much I could do for him. It just broke my heart watching him. 

Luckily he had a bit of a better sleep and by morning his fever was gone. He seemed in much better spirits, back to his happy, goofy self. He sounded terrible though, hoarse and congested. We had a slow, lazy morning, with me going back to bed when Liam went for his first nap. Once we got up and going, Layne made a late brunch of bacon, eggs and paleo pumpkin pancakes. SO GOOD! I love having breakfast made! Afterwards I thought we should take Liam out for some fresh air again so we headed to Heritage Ranch.

We ended up checking out the hay bale maze they had there. We had a carriage ride to the maze, wandered around the maze for awhile, introduced Liam to his first horse, the enjoyed a little popcorn picnic at the park afterwards. It was a great impromptu family outing. Liam is really starting to like animals which makes me super happy!

After our family afternoon out, I headed out to get some groceries and pick up some Indian food for dinner. I had been craving Indian for a long time since our favorite Indian restaurant had closed down. We ordered some butter chicken, lamb vindaloo and various kinds of naan from Astha. It was good, but it’s so expensive for what you get. I’m still hopefully that Tandoori Grill will reopen sometime so we can have our coveted Indian again!

Layne and I spent the rest of the evening watching Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix which is our new favorite show to watch. I’ve never seen any of Gordon Ramsay’s shows before this one, but I’m really enjoying it. Some of these restaurants are HORRIFYING and makes you wonder about some of the places you’ve eaten in.

Monday I had planned to go to Rocky, meet a friend for coffee and hang out with my parents since Layne was working and everything in town was closed for the holiday. Liam still sounded terrible so I decided to stay home and let him get some good rest. It was a blessing in disguise since I finally found some motivation and went on a baking spree during the three hour nap he took in the morning. I received a copy of OMG That’s Paleo and decided to make some treats. I made Pumpkin Pie Apple Dip, Sweet Potato Protein Snack and Chocolate Coconut Bark plus Smoky Bacon Chili for dinner and started to brew a batch of peach kombucha. Busy day in the kitchen!

Layne ended up coming home from work early which meant I could sneak out for a workout! I just got a speed rope and have been itching to get it sized and work on some double unders. I headed back to Heritage Ranch and completed a Crossfit workout from last week, worked on some double unders and went for a little run around the loop there. I was pumped that I strung together ten double unders, a record! It was a great workout!

The evening was spent with more Kitchen Nightmares and Chocolate Coconut Bark. Perfection.

Today is exciting for me since I’m heading to Calgary for my first concert of the year! MUMFORD AND SONS! I’m so freaking excited! Our seats are terrible I think, but I don’t care because I’ve been dying to see them live for a long time. Stay tuned for a review of the show.

How was your long weekend?

Oh yeah, results from last weekend’s race were posted today. I finished in 35:01! I’m pretty happy with that time and think it’s a great starting point to getting a future sub 30!

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    May 22, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Holy busy! That’s so cool that you got to be on a movie set. Sounds like a long day though. The make up looked awesome!

    Poor little Liam! Teething and being sick at the same time is not fair at all. Hope he is feeling better now.

    Mmmm baking. I saw the picture of the apples and spread on instagram and it inspired me to have apples with peanut butter and nutella for a snack. Not quite as healthy but so good!

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