May Goals

May 2, 2013

So I had this post all typed up and ready to publish for yesterday and then somehow it just disappeared. I had a busy day yesterday so I didn’t get around to retyping it so, we’re talking May goals a day late!

Before I get to that, I’ll tell you about my day. In the morning I took a baby food making class that is offered for free through one of the community health centres. I wasn’t expecting to learn a whole bunch, but wanted to get some clarification on a few things. Reading about introducing solids to baby online brings a whole pile of contradictory information so I wanted to double check what foods I can introduce when. I will do a full post on how solids have been going later.

After that I met up with some girlfriends and their babies at the movie theatre. Wednesday’s they have baby friendly movie time. The movies are suppose to be quieter and more lit (although it didn’t seem that way at all), they provide a change table so you don’t have to miss any of the movie to change diapers. It’s pretty cool. There were only 4 other moms in the theatre at that time. Unfortunately, I don’t think Liam was loving it as he decided to have a meltdown about half an hour into the movie.

I can’t believe it’s already May. I’m so excited for the weather to get warmer, the sun to be out more and best part, the FARMER’S MARKET! It starts in just a couple weeks. Best part about summer in this city for sure.

I guess I should recap my April goals, shouldn’t I?

1) Do more yoga. I think I pulled up yoga videos maybe three times. So it’s not a total fail but I think I could have done better.

2) Clean up my diet. Again. Not so much. It seems like this month a lot of stuff came up that prevented me from cooking my planned dinner in the evening, which meant no leftovers for lunch the next day. This will forever be a workin progress I think.

3) Run once a week. I think I made it out to run twice. The weather really put a damper on my plans to run on the weekends. I’m hoping this month there won’t be snow every damn weekend so I can get out for Sunday Runday.

Now on to some goals for May:

1) Read more. I used to read every night before bed before Liam came along. Then I was too exhausted to pick up a book. There’s a bunch of informative books I want to get through (the rest of my Practical Paleo, Living Nutrition and my baby sign language book) plus my fun reading. I was trying to make a point of reading during Liam’s first nap instead of going back to bed, but he’s napping later now and I don’t really feel as though I need to nap. I want to make a point of reading my informative books in the morning while Liam naps or while he’s drinking his bottle (instead of scrolling through social media) and start reading before bed again (instead of scrolling through social media, again).

2) Enjoy the sunshine. I have spent a lot of time inside with Liam the past six months. Now that it’s beginning to get nicer out, I want to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. More walks, trips to the park, hanging out on the balcony, etc.

3) BBQ! I want the majority of our dinners to be cooked on the BBQ. It gets so hot with the oven/slow cooker on and well, I just plain love BBQing. Time to fire up the grill more!

Did you reach any of your April goals? Have any goals you want to achieve for May? 

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