Fitness Friday

April 26, 2013

I am going to apologize ahead of time that I have no photos for Fitness Friday this week. I’ve actually had very few photos on the blog at all lately. I don’t carry around a camera with me (are you kidding, I have way too much to carry as is with the baby!) so I only use my iPhone for pictures. But it’s decided to have no more space available despite me deleting a tonne of stuff AND already buying more space for it. Retarded. So yeah, I have to figure out how to free up some space so I can take more photos.

Now let’s talk about the workouts, shall we?


Power Clean – Test for 1RM – My previous 1RM was 80# but we had a different coach, Lionel, who really wanted me to focus on a few things with my technique before adding too much weight so I stopped at 75#. He was really on my case about pushing my knees out and I was having such a hard time focusing on that on top of everything else that comes with that movement.

– 750m row
– Double Unders
– 500m row
– Double Unders
– 250m row
– Double Unders

*to determine the number of Double Unders to complete each round take your age + your body weight and divide by three

That is a heck of a lot of double unders! I started out with the intention of doing double unders for the entire workout, but after the first one I switched to single skips. There were just too many. I finished the workout in 11:53. A nice, quick one but it sure got the heart pumping!

Tuesday I already told you about Tuesday’s gliding yoga class but I’m a sucker for punishment and also went to Crossfit Tuesday night.

Rack Jerk – 75% 4×5 – I was working at 75# which might have been a little heavy since my 1RM is 85# but that’s ok. We had Lionel again and he was on my case about my knees still. After the WOD he gave me some exercises to do that will help increase some muscle strength which will help my knees stabilize and not want to come in so much. He asked if I have sore knees and I have noticed that since having Liam, my knees get sore if I’m sitting with my knees bent for any extended amount of time. Now all I need to do is remember to do those exercises! Lionel also showed me how to grip the bar so that my wrists don’t bend so much. There is seriously so much to remember with these Olympic lifts, it’s crazy. One day I will get them all down!

AMRAP in 12 min:
– 10 KB swings
– 15 Wallballs

Ugh. Wallballs. I didn’t think this WOD would be too bad but the wallballs made it brutal. I started off using a 14kg ball since that was what was RX at the Open. I ended up using a 10kg after a couple rounds because I was dying. I was 7 wall balls short of 7 rounds. Curse you wallball, curse you.


Sumo Deadlift – 80% 3×5 – I’m not sure why we are suddenly doing so many sumo deadlifts lately. I don’t love them as much as regular ones but that’s ok. I rolled with 115# for these and it felt really good. Coach Nancy said they were looking really good which makes me happy!

5 rounds of:
– 5 Power Cleans @ 65%
– 10 Burpees

This was a super quick workout. I rolled with 65# for the cleans which was probably too heavy for this workout, but I made it work. Nancy said my burpees were starting to look really fast but they sure didn’t feel like it, aside from the last round when I was trying to keep my time until 7 minutes. I finished in 6:38.

Thursday I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus so I decided to skip the gym. Instead I went on a cleaning frenzy during Liam’s morning nap and managed to clean the bathroom, kitchen counters, dusted, swept and mopped, and cleaned mirrors and windows before the kid woke up. That counts as a workout, right? It should because I was sweating! I also did a quick, relaxing bedtime yoga routine from Tara Stiles’ YouTube channel. Felt great and I was falling asleep quick until Liam woke up.

There’s no childcare (or at least not at the time of writing this) at today’s Crossfit class so I’m gonna skip it, but instead I’m going to walk to the pediatritions office this afternoon and depending on how Liam/weather is after go for a walk down the trails. I also snuck in a morning stretch yoga video (another from Tara Stiles, I love her) when Liam went down for his first nap.

Anyone else do Olympic lifting? What’s your favorite lift?

Something to read: 30 Signs You’re a Fit Chick This gave me a good laugh!

Looking for a new tune to add to your workout playlist? Try this one!

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