Fitness Friday

April 19, 2013

This week was a bit more tame in regards to workouts than last week. I decided that following the Zcut Power Cardio 30 day plan was too much on top of my regular Crossfit, yoga and running so I decided to just leave those DVDs for a rainy day when I don’t make it to the gym.

Mondays Crossfit class was not a good one for me. Liam is starting to not be happy at the gym. With summer coming, classes are getting busy and it’s becoming too much for him. I’m always a little distracted with him there but lately it’s been even worse.

I managed to get my strength done fine. We were testing rack jerk and I stopped at 85#. I know I could have probably kept trying since I did manage 95# during the Open but it was a struggle to get a good extension with 85# so I left it at that.

The WOD was 20 rounds (yes you read that correctly, 20!) of sit-ups, push-ups and squats. The number of reps for all was 30% of your max reps. I quit after 10 rounds. There were so many moms, even more babies and then a high school group came in and we were packed like sardines. I had people stepping all over my space, babies knocking over my water, stealing the chalk and of course there was Liam being carried around by the babysitter. I just couldn’t focus and was frustrated by everything going on.

Tuesday we had a great yoga class but I decided I would also take advantage of Layne being home in the evening to go to Crossfit without Liam. I also decided I would run there, unplugged, in honor of the victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday. The run was chillier than I expected, I need to invest in warm running clothes. It only ended up being shy of 2km. Totally doable more often!


We started the class off with Sumo dead lifts at 75% for strength. I think I just did 100# as my 1RM for sumo is 135#. I think I could have gone heavier though as it felt super easy.

The WOD was a good one. I kept my burpees to 5 and the weight for the cleans at 55#. I finished in 12:30. Then I was lucky enough to get a ride home from coach Melea so I wasn’t alone in the dark and cold.

Wednesday was much tamer in the gym thankfully. Liam still wouldn’t be put down but it wasn’t so crazy that I worried about him.

We started with bench press which I hadn’t done in probably over a year. We were to do 3 rounds of 5 at 80%. I stopped at 75#. I will be so pumped the day I get to triple digit weights for upper body stuff!

The WOD was power snatch and box jumps with reps in descending order starting at 10 (so 10 snatch, 10 box jumps, 9 snatch, 9 box jumps). I went light with the weight for the snatch (35#) to work on form. One of the things I have trouble with on overhead movements such as the snatch is my wrists. I’m wondering if wrist supports might help me out there?

Yesterday I decided to skip the gym and meet up with my friend Tina and her adorable little boy Sawyer, who is about Liam’s age.


Tina will be posting a guest post I wrote about Crossfit on her blog in the next few days so keep your eye out for that!

As for today, I decided I’m going to try and fit in some morning yoga while Liam naps. I haven’t been doing very good with my monthly goal to do more yoga!

What workouts did you get in this week?

Can you workout when it’s super crazy busy or do you prefer when it’s quiet and less people?

Crossfitters: I have a pair of Reebok Crossfit Nanos ordered as I wanted a change from my old Vibrams. I’m wondering if I should pick up some lifting shoes too. I kind of want an excuse to buy some pink Converse All Stars and I heard they make good lifting shoes but wonder if between the Nanos and the Vibrams I’m covered enough. What do you suggest?

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