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Top Five Baby Items

April 18, 2013

I’ve been asked a lot what some of our favorite baby items have been so far. Layne and I discussed it and came up with our favorite things. Here is our top five:

1) Cloth Diapers – this was the first thing Layne said. We both love how easy they are and that we save a TON of money. You can read more about my experiences with the cloth diapers here.

I’m sexy and I know it!

2) Baby Hawk – We tried out so many different baby carriers, but the Baby Hawk is by far my favorite. It’s super easy to tie, it’s super comfortable and the print is bad ass. It’s so much easier to pop Liam in the Baby Hawk when out and about rather than maneuvering the stroller. It’s also great for when he’s having fussy times when he doesn’t want to be put down. Layne approves too!

3) Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Mat – For Christmas we wanted to get Liam a play mat to keep him entertained by himself. The first time we put him under it I think he nearly had an anneurism he was so excited. It plays music and moves, has lots of different textured toys (which Liam is pro at pulling off now). It’s just awesome and I’m so glad we ended up getting it for him.

4) Graco swing – A friend lent me her baby swing as she wasn’t using it but wasn’t ready to get rid of it. I’m so happy that we have it as it’s been a life saver when Liam was having nap issues. I swear within five minutes of putting him in the swing, he was out cold. Amazing

5) Halo Sleep Sack – We had lots of different swaddle things, but we found the Halo Sleep Sacks to be the easiest to use. Put them in, zip them up and swaddle. Liam doesn’t need to be swaddled anymore but we still use the sleep sacks to keep him cozy at night. It’s a great option instead of blankets.

There are a few things that I thought would be super great but we weren’t happy with or didn’t end up needing/using.

1) Angel Care Baby Monitor – I was dead set on having one of these baby monitors. They have the sensor you put under the mattress that will alarm if there’s no movement for a long period of time. This monitor saved a friends baby when she stopped breathing and I was so shaken up from that, that I needed to get myself one. I have to admit, we only turned it on for one night. Our room is right beside Liam’s room and you can hear a whisper from the other side of the house, so the monitor was really unnecessary.

2) Wipes Warmer – We had the Safety 1st Quick Grab wipes warmer. It was nice to have warm, moist wipes but they ended up drying up when it wasn’t completely full. We ended up giving it away because we stopped using it since it was wasting wipes. I think wipes warmers are great though, so I recommend buying/registering for one that you can refill with water.

3) Baby washcloths – We have a million of them so we still use them, but I find them to be so small and not absorbent that it’s easier to just use regular washcloths.

Mammas, what are your favorite and least favorite baby items?

Mammas-to-be, what are your must have registry items?

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    April 19, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Great post! This will come in handy one day I am sure 🙂

  • Reply
    April 19, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Perfect!! LOVE this post! I have like 3 carriers handed down from my cousin so I’ll have to see what they are like. And J has said noway to cloth diapers, silly man! Oh well. The others I have added to my list! Thank you!!

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