Hello Spring!

March 22, 2013

Well, it’s officially spring even if it doesn’t loo like it around here.

There has been a link up party going on this week focusing on SPRING! Unfortunately I’m late to the party so I thought I’d mash all of the topics together into one pretty little package.

Spring Bucket List – be able to consistently run 5km so I can maybe sign up for a real (meaning not obstacle) race

Spring Fashion – I’m seriously not fashionable. Mostly because I don’t ever have extra money that I spend on clothes. I would love to be able to toss my old wardrobe and update everything but that’s not possible. Unless someone wants to sponsor a shopping spree for me. That would be awesome. If I could indulge in some new spring styles, it would be the colored pants trend. This is extra expensive for me since every single pair of colored pant is skinny. My body isn’t built for skinnies! To get them to fit in the legs, the waist is too big. I own one pair of very cheap skinny jeans from Superstore that I had to pay just as much to have altered. But I’ve been eyeing up colored jeans for a couple seasons now and wish I could have some.

Spring Cleaning – I’m one of those weirdos that loves cleaning and organizing. Unfortunately now that Liam has joined the family, I don’t get as much cleaning done. In fact, it’s lucky my place is as clean as it is most days. I’m not sure how much spring cleaning I will accomplish this year, if any. So I will share with yoyu my favorite cleaning trick. I use vinegar to clean EVERYTHING. Shower, sink, cpboards, counters, floors, walls, you name it. My boyfriend hates the smell of it and thinks it’s ridiculous that I use it for everything but it WORKS! I’d rather have my house smell like vinegar for a bit then have the lingering chemical smell of regular household cleaners.

Spring DIY – I’m not really a DIYer so I’m not sure what to say here. If anything, my DIY project for spring should be to have some photos printed to update my frames and Liam’s baby book. Although maybe that should fall under the spring bucket list. Ah well, I’m just not crafty ok?

Spring Recipes – I haven’t been on Pinterest much lately to find any new spring recipes. There are still a few recipes in my Practical Paleo cookbook that I want to attempt before I move on to Pinterest recipes. Maybe you could recommend something? I do know that I will be using my BBQ more! I still use it in the winter, just not as much. Can’t wait to get that thing fired up more!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what’s on your spring bucket list, what kind of spring fashion you’ve got going on, any spring DIY projects you’re tackeling, your spring cleaning tricks or any amazing spring recipes I should try.

Also, thanks to the ladies for hosting this fun little link up! Sorry I wasn’t on the ball to join properly, but this is better than nothing, right?

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