March 17, 2013

Let me just start by saying that we don’t actually call Barbero’s by its real name, it’s the Capri to us. Why? Because it’s located in the Sheraton Hotel, which was formerly the Capri Hotel. Barbero’s is a tried and true favorite among the group. If we can’t think of where to go one week, we usually end up here. It’s a little on the busier side, so reservations are recommended. It never feels overly crowded though, and there’s rarely a line at the buffet. One of the best things is their big comfy couches for bigger tables. Great for settling in and playing with the kiddos.

Awkward family photo, anyone?

The buffet features the standard brunch fare, fresh fruit and veggies, cold cuts, sausage and bacon, various kinds of eggs (including an omlette station), waffles and pancakes, roast beef, and plenty of desserts. I must say, their sausages are one of the best on the brunch circuit. They also have a large juice variety that’s included with brunch and on special days (such as Mother’s Day), it includes Mimosas! They used to have a chocolate fountain that really put them ahead of some of the other hotel brunches, but that seemed to have disappeared when they changed from Capri to Sheraton. One of my favorite things from the last time I ate there was the individual bread puddings that must have had some sort of rum sauce infused in it. Had I known that was waiting on the dessert table, I might not have gone back for so many sausages!

Price wise, I would say it’s about mid-range as far as brunches go. You’re looking at just over $20/person. All in all, it’s a great place for brunch with the fam! I give it 4 mini bread puddings out of 5 mini bread puddings.

What is your favorite buffet food?

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