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Friday Favourites: Baby Hawk

March 8, 2013

I have to admit, we’ve had some pretty horrendous days around here. Days where Liam will not sleep, where he refuses to be put down, days where I’m at my wit’s end trying to console my crying baby. It’s those days where my Baby Hawk mei tai carrier becomes a life saver.

When I was pregnant I definitely knew I wanted to get into baby wearing and was given a couple different things to try out. I had a ring sling, a pocket sling and a Blue Celery wrap. Liam ended up not liking any of them. The pocket sling was way too small for my big boy, the Blue Celery wrap was the wrong size for me and he just didn’t like being in the ring sling.

Luckily I’m part of a local baby wearing group on Facebook and managed to find a mei tai for sale. It was perfect! It was easy to tie, comfortable for me and Liam seemed so content. I wanted a second carrier for backup and was given a Baby K’tan for Christmas but it didn’t work out either. Liam didn’t enjoy it. It’s too bad it didn’t work out since it was so easy, no tying involved, but c’est la vie. I figured my second carrier should probably be another mei tai since we knew it worked.

I first heard of the Baby Hawk through the Fitnessista. When I found a gorgeous print for sale I knew I couldn’t pass it up. It was the best print I’d seen on any carrier to date! 

The first time wearing Liam in the Baby Hawk was heaven. I like my other mei tai, but this wrap was heaven! It has padded shoulder straps that don’t dig or cut in and a padded head rest for babe. The head rest also sits up a bit higher but is foldable so you can adjust it as you need.

Doesn’t that just melt your heart? <3

Even though it takes a few minutes to get Liam tied in, wearing him is so much more handy sometimes. I don’t have to haul the heavy car seat or stroller from the car if I’m out and about. There’s a certain grocery store in the city that does not have car seat friendly grocery carts which makes it really difficult to get groceries. Instead I wear him and I’m not limited to the amount of groceries I buy with a car seat in the way.

At home if Liam is having a rough time, I put wrap him up and he calms right down, generally falling asleep right away. I can still get stuff done while he’s sleeping this way, unlike if I were to have to hold him while he slept. Perfect. It’s also way easier to go out for walks with him wrapped instead of in the stroller, especially in winter when the trail by my place is still snowy.

If I were to get another carrier, I would definitely pick up another Baby Hawk. They’re easy, comfortable, stylish and affordable (compared to the woven wraps that are popular around here).


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    March 9, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    I love my baby hawk! It has saved me many times. It was great to travel with since i just plopped her in it when going through security and boarding the plane and my hands were free to wrangle my luggage. I have heard great things about the ergo as well but haven’t tried it.

    That is an awesome print you have!

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