Practical Paleo

March 1, 2013

For today’s Friday Favorite  I’m sharing my new favorite book. A couple weeks ago the lovely people at Balanced Bites sent me a copy of their book Practical Paleo for review while I was doing my Whole 30 challenge. This was such a great book to help me through the challenge and I think anyone who is considering adopting a paleo diet should check it out.


Practical Paleo is more than just a cookbook. There are actually two parts that come before the recipes. Part One is a resource guide on how to stock your pantry, buy quality food, navigate restaurant menus, and maintaining while out and about or traveling. It also talks about the effects of food on your body and how to fix any symptoms you might be having. It’s so amazing that many of the diseases out there can often be lifted by changing what you are eating. What’s best is that all of this information is easy to understand, not full of scientific mumbo jumbo. I haven’t had a chance to completely read through it all yet (seriously, having a baby took away all of my reading time), but I’m really excited to learn more about the effects of food on digestion and blood sugar regulation.

Part Two consists of eleven 30 Day meal plans for specific health conditions and goals. From digestive health, to cancer recovery, athletic performance or just general health, there is a meal plan for everyone. The best part about these meal plans is that they take into consideration leftovers for following meals.

Part Three contains all of the recipes. What’s unique about this recipe book is that it gives you options to change up some recipes, suggestions on other dishes to pair it with, and substitutions. Layne and I have Sunday’s set aside as our night to cook dinner together. Before Whole 30, it was pasta night, but now we’ve been experimenting with paleo recipes from this book. So far we haven’t tried a recipe we haven’t liked. I think my favorite was the Butternut Squash Bolognese and Layne’s was the Quick & Easy Salmon Cakes. I have my eye on a bunch more recipes I want to try yet.

There are a ton of resources out there to help navigate through the world of eating whole foods and adopting a paleo lifestyle. Practical Paleo is your one stop guide to figuring it all out and finding the yummiest meals. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to plan my next meal for this Sunday’s dinner.

Where do you find new recipes? 

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