Tuesday Tidbits

February 19, 2013

– Mom and Baby Yoga is SO much easier when your baby sleeps through the entire class. I know that sounds like it defeats the purpose, but seriously, some of those moves are super hard when you’re holding a chunky monkey.

– I really wish you could order online from H&M. They have the cutest little outfit I want for Liam for an upcoming wedding, but the smallest size is 12 months and looks too giant to even attempt. I wish I could find a nine month size. Seriously, it’s the cutest. Little tweed pants, a plaid shirt and a BOWTIE! I die of cuteness.

– I hate that when I get mail treats, they are ALWAYS delivered during the time I’m at yoga or the gym. It’s rare that I’m home on a first attempt delivery. I’m expecting something that I was sure was arriving Friday. I wasn’t at the gym that day and was so excited for it to come but it never did. Today at yoga I had a missed call from ‘the front door’ (my condo building buzzer system is through a phone line). I figured it was a delivery attempt but there was no notice left for me. I REALLY hope it comes before or after I’m at the gym tomorrow.

– I started watching Parenthood on Netflix. I’m hooked, but I still miss HIMYM.

this post from The Fitnessista is something I really needed to read right now. I’m going through exactly what she described and this reassured me that the end is near.

– Costco FINALLY got different flavors of Larabars. I was getting so sick of the apple and peanut butter flavors. This new pack has coconut, chocolate chip and cashew. I bought two cases. I also need to buy my own Costco membership instead of relying on my parents or friends to take me. Although I usually just sneak things into my parents cart and magically make their grocery bill higher 😉

– I need some positive thoughts, tomorrow Liam goes for his 4 month shots. I’m so not excited…

What is your favorite Larabar flavor?


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    February 20, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    I need to get to costco – I stopped buying Lara bars cause I was tired of those flavors! Coconut and cashew are my favs!! Nice work on the baby and Mom yoga, it sounds hard!! 🙂

    • Reply
      February 20, 2013 at 8:34 pm

      Hopefully you can find the different flavors. I love Larabars for how simple and healthy they are but the same old flavors really are boring.

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