Four Months

February 15, 2013

Where has the past year gone? It was nearly a year ago that I found out I was pregnant and it still feels like yesterday. I can’t believe how much Liam has grown in the past four months! While we had one really terrible week of nonstop crying, the past month has been pretty awesome. Liam is getting to be so much fun and I’m loving every moment of being his momma. But time really does need to slow down because it won’t be long until my little monster is crawling, then walking, and I’ll be going back to work. I really don’t want that day to come!

Weight: 17 pounds as of a couple weeks ago. He’s finally slowed a bit thank god! His bucket seat is only good until 22 pounds and I’m not ready to put him in a ‘normal’ car seat yet!

Length: I haven’t measured him since last month, but he’s pretty much the size of my entire torso. I have a feeling he will be looking down on my by the time he’s 12.

Clothes: He’s exclusively wearing 6 month stuff. I can’t even believe it! Some of his 6 month jammies are even getting tight and I’m thinking I may need to dig out some 9 months soon.

Handsome guy

Feedings: Still eating 4-5 oz every 2-3 hours with one (if any) feedings at night.


Sleep: Since Layne is working during bed time, I’ve developed the bed time routine and it’s working almost flawlessly. Around 6 he starts getting fussy. I will feed him and have one last little play before taking him for a bath. After the bath he’s into his jammies and Sleep Sack, I will give him a couple more ounces of milk, read him a story and lay him down in his crib. He may fuss a little when I put him down, but he generally puts himself to sleep with no issues. I’m loving it!

Nap time is a different story. He seems to want to eat and eat and eat and doesn’t fall asleep as easy as he used to. I’m trying to get him into a nap time routine that doesn’t rely on ‘nursing’ to sleep, but so far it hasn’t been working and I’ve been met with a ton of crying. Sometimes he will fall asleep while nursing but as soon as you put him down he starts screaming. It’s been a struggle and causing me a lot of stress. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get him to stop relying on the bottle and to put himself to sleep like he does at bed time, that would be wonderful!

The upside is he still sleeps fantastically in his car seat, so I know if I’m out and about he will get a decent nap in. But I can’t rely on being out and about at every nap time.

Personality: Liam’s personality is really starting to come out. I think he is going to be a bit of a sensitive boy as he cries easily when he’s scared. For example, I was visiting with friends one afternoon. One of them was holding Liam but had to yell downstairs to her kids misbehaving. The yelling scared Liam and he cried so hard. Poor guy. He doesn’t like being left alone and will yell and make noise until you come back to pay attention to him.

Milestones: He started laughing this month! I can’t tell you the amount of stupid things I do all day long to keep him laughing. So far saying ‘boo!’, tickling his ribs and blowing raspberries are the biggest things that evoke laughs. He’s even started copying me trying to blow raspberries. Such a smart boy but I think I’ve created a monster with that. For the last week he tries blowing raspberries all day long. The thing is, he just spits everywhere. He does it on his play mat, getting his diaper changed, in the tub, while I read his bedtime story, and even while he’s having a bottle. SPIT EVERYWHERE! It’s really hilarious though and I’m so proud of how smart he is for learning.

He rolled for the first time this week, but it may have just been a fluke because he hasn’t done it again. He’s almost rolling from his back to his tummy. He curls onto his side but hasn’t yet made it all the way over. When he’s on his tummy he holds his head up perfectly (such an improvement from last month), will push himself forward with his legs, and try to flip himself over. He’s definitely trying and will be moving around in no time.

Loves: bath time (so much splashing!), Sophie the Giraffe, his peacock, having his mouth wiped, grabbing anything and everything he can get his little hands on including my glasses, face, burp cloth, clothes, hair.

Hates: being left alone, nap time, getting scared, soothers

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings with this little man!

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    February 15, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    i can’t believe it, wow. What a handsome lil devil though!
    I still remember the day you text me the ultrasound picture, i was shopping for my niece that was born only a few hours before. Craziness.

    • Reply
      February 15, 2013 at 9:23 pm

      I know! Time flies!

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    February 15, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    It does seem like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and now in 2 weeks I will be back at work:( Time flies by too quickly and there is nothing we can so other than enjoy the moments we have with them.

    I can’t believe how big Liam is! Audrey was 17.5lbs at 9 months! I used the bucket seat as long as I could and she finally grew out of it length wise last month.

    So envious that you only have 1 if any night feeding! Do you have a nap time routine? We do almost the exact same thing for nap time as bed time, minus the bath at bedtime. Feed (usually downstairs so she doesn’t fall asleep while nursing like she used to), then diaper change, dim lights, sleep sack, read a couple short stories, sing, turn on white noise and then lay her in her crib. She did protest the first little while but caught on quickly and can go to sleep on her own no problem.

    Is Liam’s room dark? I found that really helped her naps to make her room almost pitch black. You could get blackout blinds or use tinfoil like me since I was desperate one day!

  • Reply
    Jon Wieler
    February 16, 2013 at 7:56 am

    I know the feeling! My youngest girl Vanessa is just about 3! They grow so fast. Enjoy the moments. 🙂

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