WOD Wednesday

January 2, 2013

I figured since most of my Workout Wednesday posts are Crossfit related, I’d switch it up to WOD Wednesday.

Unfortunately I only have one workout to talk about this week and it was my last WOD of 2012. Since I had been away for six days over Christmas, there was no working out going on. But now that I’m back home, I’m right back at it.

The first post-holiday/last WOD of 2012 was Monday, which means test day!! I was excited to test my 1RM for back squats. I love squats! I was the only one that showed up so I had Coach Dave’s full attention helping spot me for the squats. I got up to 105lbs. I can live with that! We were also to test pushups and situps. This was the first time doing situps since my c-section. Normally I would be able to reach the cap of 50, but I only made it to 25 and they were VERY slow. Better than nothing though, I’ll get there! I have only been doing pushups from my knees in WOD’s but decided that I want to start getting my strength up and doing them on my toes so I tested from my toes. I knew I wouldn’t get very many but that’s ok. This means that if we are doing a percentage of our max pushups in a WOD, I will have a lower number of reps to do, but I’d rather do low reps from my toes than high reps from my knees. I managed to do 15. I used to be able to rock pushups so that’s not ideal but I will get back there!

All that and I haven’t even got to the WOD yet! It was a killer. 2 rounds, 2500m row with 2 minute rest in between. Yup, 5km of rowing. Happy effing New Year! It was brutal! I finished in 27:07, just shy of the 26:00 prediction Coach Dave made. Liam motivated to me to go hard at the end because he woke up and I didn’t want him to start crying or anything. He was so good though, just chilled in his car seat while I rowed my little heart out.

Since it’s the start of a new year, I should reconsider some of my fitness goals for this year:

– PR my Spartan Sprint and Mud Hero times
– complete the Spartan Super
– learn to do kipping pullups
– deadlift over my body weight
– start doing yoga again

Maybe this year I can cross some things off my Fitness Bucket List. 

What was your last workout of 2012?
Do you have any fitness goals for 2013? 



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    January 2, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    i’m so proud of you for staying to active during pregnancy and getting back to it as soon as you could!! thats so amazing.
    fitness goals for 2013 are pretty basic, half marathons and a triathlon! :S yikes

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      January 2, 2013 at 9:10 pm

      Thanks lady! And you will rock hour marathons!

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