A Heavy Heart & Two Months

December 15, 2012

I want to start this post by giving my heart out to all the victims of the shooting in Connecticut. I could never imagine losing a loved one, but now that I’m a mother, I could never imagine the pain of losing my son. It kills me to know there is so much evil in the world. Evil that is capable of taking the lives of innocent people, innocent children, and that I will not always be able to protect Liam from it. I can only hope that my family never has to endure such pain. My one wish today is for our society to learn to love each other again. If we loved a little more, perhaps we could overcome all of the hate.

I also wish the media would go away. In high school my dream was to get into journalism school, but I didn’t get in because I wasn’t interested in working for a newspaper or on the evening news. I had no interest in bringing such horrible news to the world every day. I wanted to write about things that interested me, interested others, that might bring a smile to someone’s face. What good is it doing reporting about these evil events, these evil people and their deadly rampages? We need to stop focusing on the negative in all aspects of life. We need to stop making evil people household names to inspire the next disturbed individual to out-do. We need to start loving more. Give your family, especially your children an extra snuggle tonight. Liam definitely got plenty of extra kisses and love before bed.

Speaking of Liam, guess who is two months old today! I feel so lucky to be the momma of such an adorable little boy. His personality has definitely started to come out this past month and I’m so excited to continue to see the transformation he makes each day he gets older.

The past month has still seen its share of challenges though. I’m hoping soon things can get sorted out. But we are working through them and are still as happy as can be.

Weight: 13lbs 10oz as of Thursday. This is the first week that he didn’t gain an entire pound!

Length: 23 inches, which is two inches longer than birth.

Clothes: He’s in all 3 month stuff now and today I noticed one of his pair of pants is even 6 months! He’s passed on all of his smaller sleepers to his new best friend Oliver, who is just swimming in them. It’s so funny to see the difference in size.

Feedings: He still eats about 4-6oz every 2-3 hours during the day with only one feeding during the night. The issue with feeding right now is that he often will choke which freaks me out every time. He’s also begun getting more fussy when he eats and spitting up a lot which makes him cry. I have taken him to an occupational therapist who specializes in feedings at the pediatric rehabilitation clinic. She is sure it’s reflux. We have a pediatrician appointment in early January to confirm and perhaps get some medication to help. It sucks that we have to wait a few more weeks but I’m hoping we can get things sorted out. Another thing I might look into is having his tongue tie reassessed. After speaking with another lactation consultant in regards to my pumping routine, she advised that reflux is often found in tongue tied babies and that he could still be having tongue trouble. It sure sucks seeing my babe cry from discomfort when he eats but we have a few avenues to go down to get everything fixed up. The good news is that he is still gaining weight well and it doesn’t appear to be any kind of allergy, which I was worried about. It would really frustrate me if something I was eating was causing all of this discomfort, or if he was intolerant to milk and my hard work pumping would become a waste.

Sleep: Liam is getting better at napping during the day, although rarely in the crib. His naps always take place in his bouncy chair or the swing that we are borrowing. The swing gets him every time and it’s so adorable watching him slowly drift into slumber as he swings back and forth. He usually has one big nap in the afternoon that lasts a couple hours, with smaller naps in the morning and evening, although this can be different from day to day. There isn’t quite a solid routine when it comes to day time sleep yet. But I’m just happy that he’s a good little sleeper at night. If only I didn’t have to wake up to pump, I could be getting really awesome sleep too!

He also sleeps well in the car seat. We call it his magic chair because he always magically falls asleep in it.

Personality: Liam is a pretty calm, content baby. When he’s awake he will stare at me, lights, pictures, etc. He is very alert! He really only fusses and cries when he’s hungry or overtired. He has started ‘talking’ which is one of my favorite things right now. He is VERY vocal and makes the cutest noises, accompanied by many faces. It’s my favorite time of day when he’s talking.

Milestones: Liam has become incredibly strong this month and is lifting his head up. He is still a bit wobbly, but it won’t be long until he can fully hold his own head up.

Loves: diaper changes, lying on his back, kicking his legs, talking (especially to Grandma and Grandpa), soft things, having his face touched.

Hates: burping, being ignored, succumbing to sleep in his magic chairs.

 I can’t wait to see what the next month brings for my little monster!

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