I Hate Shopping + A Friday Favorite

December 7, 2012

It’s true, I make a terrible girl. I absolutely hate clothes shopping for myself.

Today I went out to try and find myself a new outfit to wear to this weekend (Christmas brunch with the family). I’m in desperate need of a few pieces to wear until I can fend off some of this baby weight. Shopping frustrates me at the best of times, but with an awkward and unfamiliar body, it’s enough to make me cry.

First of all, what is with this skinny jean and nothing but phase? I can’t seem to find a pair of normal, straight leg pants anywhere. I would love to rock the skinnies, but my body isn’t built for them, it never was. To get them to fit in my legs, they have to be four sizes bigger than my normal pant size, but then they gape at the waist. I did manage to buy a pair of nice, stretch skinny jeans from Superstore and took them in to get the waist altered, but I don’t want to do that for every pair of pants I buy from now on. I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on these ‘in between’ clothes, because I hope to not have to wear them too long. Another stupid phase? The short shirts. What is with that? I want something that is going to cover my stomach, please!

Between nothing fitting right or being too expensive, I had a completely unsuccessful shopping trip today. I DID manage to find a pair of black boots though, but that doesn’t help if I have no outfits to wear them with.

It’s much easier shopping for fitness wear. I needed to invest in a new sports bra since returning to the gym. With pregnancy comes a new set of boobs and these girls needed a whole lot of extra taming at the gym.

I heard good things about the Under Armour Bra so I headed to Sport Chek to pick one up. Under Armor is one of my favorite brands when it comes to fitness wear so I was confident it would be a great bra. All of the good things I heard were totally true, this bra ROCKS. It keeps everything in place through all of my crazy Crossfitting, it doesn’t rub or chafe and has the perfect amount of support. It doesn’t dig in anywhere, and there’s no underwire that will pop out to stab me like what happened with the last crappy sport bra I bought.

Here are all of the features as found on the Under Armour site:

  • Bonded seams eliminate painful rubbing and chafing
  • Removable, molded cups deliver modesty, support, and a streamlined silhouette
  • Straps built with UA’s SuperStretch technology that eliminates digging
  • Ultra-soft, sturdy fabric feels smooth and comfortable against your skin
  • Signature UA Compression fabric lets you concentrate on your moves, not what’s moving
  • Next generation power sling construction cradles for superior support that stays put
  • 4-Way Stretch construction improves range of motion and dries faster
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body
  • Classic pull-over racer back design unlocks mobility and is perfect for layering
  • Strategic back mesh venting for enhanced ventilation
  • Nylon/Elastane
  • Imported

The downside is that the colors depend on the size so if you’re familiar with the bra, you’ll be able to tell what size one is wearing. Good thing my size was a good color! It’s also fairly pricey at $69.99, but if you want to invest in a good quality sport bra, this is the one to get.

All in all, I love this sport bra and will definitely purchase more in the future!


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    December 7, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    i’m the worst girl too, i hate shopping. dont think it will ever change! good for my wallet though.
    i’ve thought about getting the under amour bra but have just been good with my champion ones lately, i think they are quite great! well at least for someone of my small size… lol

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    December 11, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    I hear you!! That awkward “not pregnant but still have baby weight to lose” stage sucks! I found that leggings and nice longer shirts/dresses work well. Hugs in the belly and are super comfy. Then you can wear your new boots!

    I’ve also heard that Moving Comfort bras are really good for keeping the girls under control. Also have velcro tabs at the top of the cup so if you are breastfeeding your boobs are more accessible.

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