Stuffed Green Peppers

September 19, 2012

In lieu of a Workout Wednesday post (since I have not worked out since last week, oops), I’m going to share the delicious meal I made this evening. I decided now that I’m cooking for two and soon to be three, I should start planning my meals out so I’m not just buying random stuff at the grocery store and hoping I can pull something together for dinner every night.

So far so good! Yesterday I made the stuffed chicken and tonight I tried a Pinterest recipe for stuffed peppers. I found this recipe through Pinterest quite awhile ago, but of course never got around to it until now. I omitted the onion since the onion in my fridge had gone bad, but otherwise these were friggin delicious. I have made stuffed peppers before but the recipe I used of my moms was tomato based and included shrimp. Both are delicious! This was even boyfriend approved, although he said I should have added bacon. Typical man :p

Next on the list of meals to make for the week include a childhood favorite, Tuna Wiggle (aka tuna casserole) and my turkey chili stew. I’m hoping to freeze some of these to go with the rest of the baby meals mom and I worked on for my freezer earlier this week. I’m very relieved to know that when I’m not feeling up to cooking there will be plenty of choices for me to pull out of the freezer!

Do you meal plan? How do you go about it? I sat down on Sunday and made a list of possible meals for the week and what ingredients I’d need to pick up at the grocery store before I went shopping.

What is your favorite meal right now? I’m always game to try new things!

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