Music Monday: A Little Country?

September 17, 2012

Since I’ve been having some rough sleeps lately, I’ve had a lot of thinking time at night. The other day I was wondering what ever happened to Tiger Army so I hopped on Google to see what I could find. I was happy to learn they are still kicking, although no word of a new album any time soon.

Something else I didn’t know, was that Nick 13, the lead singer had put out a solo album last year. I swear now that I don’t have people that share my taste in music, I’m completely out of the loop on what’s going on in the music world if it’s not mainstream! Of course the next morning I was all over iTunes sampling the album, which I ended up purchasing. I really dig it!

It’s obvious Nick 13 followed his true country heart making this album. Now I’m not normally a country music fan, especially not that modern country crap out these days. I did grow up on country music though and can appreciate REAL country once in awhile. This album reminds me of something my parents might have had playing when I was a kid. If you are looking for a good mellow album with a old school country feel, this one is for you. Especially if you are a Tiger Army fan!

What I love is that Nick 13 redid two Tiger Army songs, In The Orchard and Cupid’s Victim. He redid these songs so beautifully, especially In The Orchard. I think I prefer Nick’s solo version over the original Tiger Army song. I even sang it to the dog and I’m pretty sure the look he gave me was to say he liked it too. Or maybe he was looking at me like an idiot, I’m not sure.

The moral of the story, boycott modern country, and buy this album!

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