Time Off? What Time Off?

September 13, 2012

Everyone has been asking how my time off has been since I’m officially on mat leave now. It’s been BUSY! It’s not like I’ve been lounging pool side, relaxing all week or anything, I’m not on vacation and there is LOTS to be done!

Monday I decided I would start with a day for myself before the craziness began. I got my hair done, got my brows waxed and got a much needed pedicure. Then it was off for a nap before dinner out at Earl’s with a friend! It was a great way to spend my first day of mat leave.

Tuesday was a busy one. My mom was in town and we hit up Costco to stock my pantry a bit, then Walmart for some hospital bag necessities. Can I just say how much nursing bras SUCK? They say to buy them one cup size bigger, well they assume that people with that cup size must be bigger around as well because I could not find them in the proper band size. Plus, they’re just plain ugly. And I was surprised how expensive they were! I have been planning to make a trip to The Bra Lounge to get one or two good ones, but I’m a little afraid of what that will cost!

The other reason my mom was in town was to take maternity photos of Cassandra and I together. I had a really fun idea that needed to be shot in Red Deer, and Cassandra and I really wanted belly to belly photos so we had a nice break doing that.

Yesterday I had to head out to my parents place to babysit their dog. She had a growth removed from her side and was all stitched up with a cone.  Poor thing. Since my dad was at work and my mom had to be out of town, they didn’t want to leave her alone. I packed up all of the baby things that needed to be washed and spent the day snoozing with cone head and doing laundry. It literally took me one full hour to take all the tags and packaging off everything which left behind an entire bag full of garbage. The resulting laundry also took forever. I was a bit overwhelmed when I got home and tried to figure out what to do with it all. There is still a lot of work to be done organizing the baby room. Nothing like last minute right?

I started tackling the giant boxes in the room, which meant finally taking the car seat out and putting together the stroller. I’m loving how light and easy to maneuver the stroller is! I’m also hoping to get the car seat installed in the Escape by the weekend! EEP!

I should also mention I have the best friend in the entire world. Cassandra stopped by today with some organizational stuff for the baby room closet and she helped me put some stuff away today. The closet isn’t perfect, but at least there is room to put stuff and I’m not so stressed about it anymore. Bonus, there’s actually room for the crib now! We get to pick that up tomorrow!

Today my doctor was surprised that I haven’t been having any contractions yet. I think it’s because this kid isn’t coming out until October but my doctor informed me they only let you go 1 week over due now. I always thought it was 2. That means within 3 weeks I will have a baby. Oh god. I’m trying not to panic. However, I still think this kid wouldn’t make his appearance on his own until mid-October. Remember, he was originally due on October 23. I chatted with my doula this evening and she said that it really is 14 days that I could be overdue, but to check with my doctor and ask what I’m measuring to double check that I am measuring correctly and see about another ultrasound because they can change due dates again this late in the game. We’ll see!

Everyone has been anxious for me to have this baby soon and I keep saying I’m not ready. I am getting closer, with the baby room just needing the crib moved in and set up. I just have a few areas of the condo to organize and that will be that. Once I cross a couple more things off my to do list, and the dog goes to his new home (which should be Monday!), I think I will feel prepared. Still terrified, but at least the house will be ready.

How far along? 38 weeks, apparently.
How big is baby?  A leek. Weird.
Weight gain? Down two pounds since last week, 168.
Gender? After 4 ultrasounds it’s still a boy. The tech pointed out the bits, but I couldn’t really make it out.
Symptoms: The usual…Although I’m starting to notice I’ve been getting some stretch marks on my hips. Boo. I thought I was in the clear with stretch marks! I had read somewhere that they were hereditary and my mom didn’t get any when she was pregnant with me, however I did get some on my hips and thighs during puberty so I wasn’t sure. Turns out I ended up with some anyways. Sigh. At least it’s not on my belly. I was terrified of having a zebra belly.
Sleep? I’ve had some really awful nights this week. The restless leg syndrome has been brutal to the point where I only got one or two hours in a night and a few hours once Layne left for work. My chiropractor recommended some stuff to try.
Food Cravings: Nothing specific.
Movement: Still a ton of it, which is good.
Belly Button: I’m pretty sure it’s just a full on outie now.
What I’m looking forward too: Picking up the crib and getting it set up tomorrow!
Belly Photo: My weekly belly photographer hasn’t sent me my photos for a few weeks now, so I will share with you another maternity shot from my mom. This was taken in Jasper.

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    A. Parent
    September 14, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Holy crap…three weeks??!!

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    September 28, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Nursing bras are ugly and expensive! I bought mine from and while they were still expensive they are decent and better than what I found in the local stores. I only bought 1 nursing bra and 1 nursing tank before A was born since I wasn’t sure how much bigger I would get. I think around 3 weeks after she was born I ordered the bras. The customer service was great too.

    • Reply
      September 28, 2012 at 4:43 pm

      I will keep that site in mind! Thank you 🙂

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