Tuesday Randomness

September 11, 2012

Just a bit of randomness today.

Friday was my last day of work and my boss let me leave in the early afternoon. I said my goodbyes and headed home for a nap! Ah, glorious!

Saturday was the typical market morning and I got to meet a friends new baby, just born a few weeks ago. She was adorable! After the market, Dax and I took Gir to the dog park (Layne had to work and took Pluto with him for the day). I love going to the dog park, I get so excited seeing all the adorable dogs. We had a great chat while Gir ripped an entire tree from the river bank and drug it all over the place. I guess a stick just wasn’t good enough. Then it was house cleaning time, which made me feel at peace. Something about cleaning and being in a clean environment makes me feel good!

Cassandra and I have been wanting to check out a roller derby game for awhile now and there was one on Saturday night. We decided to check it out. I have seen games going on before, since I used to dance half time for one of the teams but I had never sat and watched a full game. Between the little I’ve witnessed as well as the movie Whip It, I had a general idea of how the game worked. There was so much going on at this game that confused the heck out of me though! I wish April, a friend from the gym and retired derby girl, had been there to explain what was going on to us! It was still fun to go and watch, despite not being totally clear with all the rules and scoring. When I first learned derby was around Red Deer I thought it would be cool to get involved with, but at the time dance was consuming my life. I still think down the road it would be cool to try out, maybe one day!

Once the game was over I headed out to Blackfalds for a brief visit at a friend’s birthday party/house warming. I didn’t stay long as it was already fairly late, I didn’t know anyone else and most everyone was pretty drunk.

Sunday we took Pluto over to a friend’s place for a play date. Our friend is going to take him in, as this condo is far too small for a dog with Pluto’s energy. It wasn’t an easy decision, but Pluto deserves a house with a yard and another dog to play with. Our friends have an energetic boxer as well as a pug and Pluto gets along so well with both of them. They have a nice big yard to run and play in and I feel good knowing that we can still visit him whenever we want. It just didn’t feel right to me to keep him cooped up in a tiny condo, only getting one or two small walks around the block a day. With a baby to care for and daddy gone at work 12 hours a day, he wouldn’t have got the attention and exercise he needs. We are slowly getting the dogs used to each other, but by next week he should be fully moved in to his new home.

Following the play date we moved my old couch out to my parents place where we stayed for dinner. Pluto came with us and got even more play time outside with my dad. He was definitely a tuckered puppy!

Monday was my first day not having to go to work, but kind of just felt like it was still the weekend. I decided my first day would be all about me, before I got to work on my huge ‘to-do before baby’ list. I got my hair cut and colored, my brows waxed, got a pedicure, had a nap and was treated to dinner at Earl’s by a friend. Not a bad first day of mat leave!

Is there an activity you’ve always been curious to try?
Have you ever had to make the tough decision to give up a pet? 

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    September 12, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Enjoy this time before the baby comes!! I had a week’s worth of stuff that I wanted to get done before Audrey was born. She ended up being 5 days late (so almost 2 weeks since I went off work) and it was the perfect amount of time!

    I’m not going to tell you to sleep lots since I am sure you are uncomfortable and sleeping is difficult! Just cherish this time because going for a pedicure, dinner with a friend, heck- taking a shower, becomes difficult once you have a little one! 🙂

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      September 12, 2012 at 3:55 pm

      Thanks Nicole! I’ve been very busy so far but definitely taking advantage of being able to nap and visit with friends while I can! My due date is still two weeks away so I’m hoping I still have lots of time to get my to-do list done! 🙂

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