Action Packed!

July 22, 2012

Phew! What a busy week and weekend it has been!! I don’t think I’ve had that much going on all at once in a super long time! I’ll warn you ahead of time, this may get lengthy.

It all started Wednesday morning when I walked in the Westerner Days parade with some coworkers. I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like since it was pretty overcast but it turned out to be really warm and the perfect walking weather. I had a lot of fun. When I got back to work afterwards my office building property management company was hosting their 3rd annual parade day BBQ. I look forward to this because not only do they serve burgers and dogs, but they also get goodies from the three restaurants downstairs. Not many places you can have sushi with your hot dogs! It’s fabulous! After getting a couple quick things done at work in the afternoon I was off to help out at a work event, which I will talk about on Monday!

Thursday brought more food thanks to Westerner Days! It all started with a glorious pancake breakfast that served not only pancakes and sausages, but Opa fries and pita bread, Subway cookies, and more! Another event I look forward to every year. It’s also located in the same parking lot as Starbucks so I grabbed a yummy decaf drink to warm me up on the way back to work. Lunch time was a chili cook off! It was a little challenging finding one with no spice, but I managed to and it was so good. I even tried the Pepsi challenge (twice) and failed (twice). I don’t really drink pop so it doesn’t surprise me that I can’t tell the difference, but both times I chose Coke so apparently that’s what I like more.

After the chili cook off I scrambled home to prepare a dish for the blogger meet up I was going to with Lindsey in Calgary! My mom had given me some strawberry balsamic jelly which I thought I would serve on top of crackers and cream cheese. My dish ended up being a complete failure though because the crackers were soggy by the time everyone ate. Next time I will just let people top the crackers themselves. Sorry to everyone there for the crappy dish, I’m not always a horrible cook!

Aside from my snack snafu, the meetup was super fun. It was organized by Leigh whom I had met once before at the Black Keys concert. I didn’t know any of the other girls there, but had a great time chatting and will be adding their blogs to my Google Reader whenever I get caught up in blog reading. It’s nice to have some local blogs to follow since most of the ones I read are American.

Thanks to Rachel for the picture!

Top L to R: Myself, Heather (& Zoey) from My Life, Jenny from Minivan Stiletto, Nicole (& Audrey) from Haute Runner, Rachel (& William in belly) from Rachel and John
Bottom L to R: Leslie from For the Love of Shoes, Lindsey from a running tale, Alison from Alison and Justin, Leigh from All You Need Is Love.

Friday Layne and I checked out Westerner Days after work. I had hoped to see the exotic animal show but parking was crazy and we missed half of it. We still managed to see a few animals, including the lion and zebra. I think the zebra was my favorite because he traveled with his best friend Bernard, who is a mini horse. Cutest ever! We met up with Dax and Lennox after to wander around, eat food and take Lennox on some rides. I didn’t last too much longer since my feet were sore and swollen and I wanted to give them a good rest before Sunday. I went to change into something comfier, put on my compression socks and got ready to watch the fireworks! It was Lennox’s first time seeing fireworks and he was so excited. And then they started.

He was scared of them so Samson the hippo watched instead. So cute.

Saturday morning I decided to skip the farmers market to sleep in and rest my feet some more before Dax and I headed to Calgary for the UFC fights! I am not a huge UFC fan in that I don’t know all of the fighters and who’s the best. But I do enjoy watching them and have a few favorites so I was excited to see them live.

The Octagon!

The prelims ended up being the best fights, especially with Ryan Jimmo’s seven second knockout. Not bad for an Edmontonian’s first fight in the UFC, especially tieing for fastest knockout in UFC history. The main fights were a major disappointment, totally boring to watch and hardly worth going to see. I’m glad that I went more for the experience than the actual fights because I would have been one pissed off UFC fan. At one point the crowd was cheering ‘Refund!’ and during another time two guys started their own fight to provide entertainment. I’m hoping the bad match ups were due to the original fight card being completely screwed up due to multiple injuries, and not the slow descent of the sport. I’d like to see UFC return to Calgary with some more action packed fights this time!

You’ll have to stay tuned for Sunday’s adventure. It deserves it’s own post! 😉

What’s your favorite part about the fair? Mine is definitely the food!
Are you a UFC fan?

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  • Reply
    July 23, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    The animals and food! I had my mini donuts and ice cream 🙂

  • Reply
    July 23, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    I actually loved your crackers! I didn’t think they were soggy at all. YUM

    • Reply
      July 24, 2012 at 12:50 pm

      Thanks! Glad you didn’t think they were horrible.

  • Reply
    July 23, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    Thank you again for coming all that way for the meet up! It was fun to see you again 🙂 we watched the fights on tv…so boring and I don’t like UFC.

    • Reply
      July 24, 2012 at 12:51 pm

      Thank YOU for hosting. It was fun and I look forward to doing it again some day!

      Ugh, I couldn’t imagine watching those fights on TV. Snooze fest for sure.

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