Weekend Recap

July 9, 2012

I’m postponing my regular Music Monday post to fill you in on my fantastic summer weekend. Unfortunately I have no pictures to share from it, but I’ll tell you why afterwards.

It all started when I got a text from a buddy Friday afternoon inviting me to a BBQ. I figured why not since I usually am home alone these days on a Friday night. I met up with another friend that was going and we had a great time chatting it up with an old friend and making friends with the rest of the people there whom I didn’t know. Layne happened to be home but filling in briefly at the Vat pub where he does security so he wasn’t able to make it. I stopped in to see him afterwards and was just in time since he was just getting off. We came to chill at my place a bit before I headed to bed and he went to stop in to the BBQ and say hi before he went home to bed.

The next morning we planned to meet at Starbucks before he headed back up to Edmonton for work and I met with the crew for the farmer’s market. I always hate saying goodbye when he goes off to work, especially when it’s rushed, which it was. The farmer’s market was awesome as always. It was packed since the weather was gorgeous. We hit the usual stops, Wannawafel, European Sausage and Deli, Mini Beans and Peppermint Andy’s.

After the market, I had a few errands to run but met up with my best friend Cassandra for an afternoon of yard sales. We came up empty handed, although I was tempted to buy a mini bouncy castle for my nephew. If only I had that much extra cash to blow, I would have.

Once we were done that I headed home to see if any of my bikinis fit and headed over to Cassandra’s for her birthday celebration. I was early so we sat on her newly built deck soaking up the sun until everyone else arrived. I may have lifted my shirt to let my belly get some sun too. Don’t judge me.

We had a delicious BBQ complete with two different cakes, one home made in the shape of a giant cupcake, and one very tasty raspberry cheesecake ice cream cake from Marble Slab. After cake we retreated to what we hoped would be the cool basement to watch the UFC fights. It got me excited because in two weeks I’ll be watching the fights live in Calgary! Even better, Layne was back from work early and came to hang out as well! All of the extra bodies heated up the normally cold basement and we were all needing relief so we headed outside where they fired up the BBQ and built a fire. Cassandra and I were the only ones to hop in the hot tub, which was actually more of a warm bath since Cassandra is also pregnant!!!!! Despite being too warm inside, soaking in the tub felt really nice.

Layne and I headed home around 12:30 as we both had to be up early. He was off to Manitoba for ten days for work and I was off to the Calgary Stampede in the morning!

I woke up at 5:30 to get ready and hit the road with a friend. Why so stupid early? Because there was free gate admission until 9am and we were hoping to save some cash. We arrived in the city with plenty of time to spare and were getting really excited until we turned off Memorial Drive and hit the rest of the early birds trying to get free admission. It was 45 minutes until we got parked, which was five minutes after 9. I was so disappointed that I had gotten up so early after a late night and missed the free admission. We got to the gate, almost defeated only to learn they were still letting people in for free! SUCCESS!

We spent the day with some other friends wandering the midway, playing games, eating food and seeing the sights. Caitlyn and I were on a mission to eat as much ridiculous food as possible and I think we managed to to reach our goal. The list of foods consumed between the two of us includes beef bacon BLT’s on maple buns, smoothie, root beer, ice cream melties, bratwurst, chips on a stick, deep fried Kool-Aid, deep fried pickles, deep fried mac and cheese, and chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. I think that far surpasses the amount of food I consumed last year. But I sure was satisfied. The best thing I ate? The beef bacon BLT. That thing was amazing, followed closely by the mac and cheese bites and then the pickles. The deep fried Kool-Aid intrigued me but ended up not being that Kool cool. It’s basically just a mini donut but instead of using water, they use Kool-Aid to make it so it turns out pink and a bit mushier. I didn’t really get any Kool-Aid flavor out of it. Weird. Oh well, sometimes you just have to try these things.

It was a such hot day and it was very crowded so when we finally decided to head home I was grateful to get in my truck and blast the AC. We’re in a bit of a heat wave here and I’m not complaining one bit. I woke up this morning feeling tired and wishing I had one more day off to enjoy the warmth, but was determined to enjoy the day as best I could. I packed my lunch and my book in hopes of sitting at City Hall park on my lunch hour.

Unfortunately my day went completely down hill when I discovered my phone had been stolen from my desk while I was in a meeting. Apparently a couple people saw a questionable looking guy on our floor and in our office which I can only assume was the culprit. The majority of the rest of my day was spent talking with security, the RCMP, my phone company, insurance company, etc to figure out my options. The security people are reviewing surveillance footage to try and locate the guy that was seen. There’s not much the RCMP can do at this point. My phone company suspended service so whoever has my phone can’t rack up a huge bill for me to pay. It was a two month old iPhone which really sucks. The worst part is that you are able to track your phone, lock it or wipe it remotely but it needs to connect to a Wifi signal and that hasn’t happened yet today so I’m assuming it’s turned off. Also sucky, the extended Apple Care I purchased doesn’t cover theft and since I just upgraded I don’t qualify for an early upgrade with the phone company. My only option is to rebuy my phone outright for some $600. It’s a sucky situation for sure. Even worse? I have no way of communicating with Layne right now since he’s working in Manitoba and likely isn’t able to call me at work during the day. So upsetting.

This kind of thing really makes me hate humans. I work hard to have the things I have and it doesn’t seem fair that some idiot can just walk into my office and swipe my stuff. I feel completely violated that he’s had access to my contacts, photos, emails and everything. You don’t realize how much you rely on your cell phone until it’s gone. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a new phone and maybe the security guy will find footage of the guy that I can take to the RCMP.

How was everyone’s weekend? Do you love or hate the heat? I love the heat. We don’t get hot weather often enough, I’d much rather have super hot temps then the perpetual winter that we seem to have.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you? I had my wallet stolen a few years ago. It really sucked having to report all my cards stolen and get everything replaced.

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  • Reply
    July 10, 2012 at 7:18 am

    Our weekend was great and I love the heat!
    That sucks, I feel so bad for you! I have never had anything stolen, and would be beyond upset if it did happen. I have inconveniences so it would annoy me.

  • Reply
    July 10, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    the deep fried kool-aid does sound a little disappointing, but if you didn’t try it you would never know! so i think thats cool.
    As for this heat… its getting a little crazy for me, like almost 40c is just too much, i like the warm summer days but like 25c would be better.
    I haven’t had anything stolen from me, but last year.. or was it earlier this year? anyways. I had my car unlocked in my parking lot, and someone rummaged through my things, they had all the contents of my glovebox on the seat, and they left it all out. I felt violated. Fortunately I had nothing valuable in my car, but still!

    • Reply
      July 10, 2012 at 10:35 pm

      Ugh, I would be so violated too. That’s just creepy. Thank god nothing was stolen though.

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