Montreal: Final Days

July 8, 2012

Our last full day in the city! I was ok with this because our feet were seriously sore and we had completely run out of things we wanted to see and do.

After an amazing chocolate coconut crepe for breakfast we went back to our favorite Montreal hangout, the Old Port to check out the beach and the clock tower we had seen from the boat tour the previous day.

The beach was completely man made along the river, and was something I wouldn’t ever be inclined to hang out at. Especially because you had to pay to use it!

Do you think you would enjoy hanging out at a beach like this?

The clock tower was neat, despite it being over run with disgusting moths. You could walk to the very top of it so we did to check out the view.

The Clock Tower

View from the top

From the inside!

After that I was hungry for lunch and wanting to try another round of authentic poutine. There was a place near the hotel that had really good reviews on Yelp (yes, I downloaded the app after my mom helped us find that amazing tavern the night before) which is where we ended up.

Don't worry, I shared

We split a regular poutine at Frite Alores which was amazing, as one would expect poutine to be. I loved every last cheese curdy bite.

After lunch we headed to the Bio Dome. We weren’t sure it would be anything interesting but it was the last touristy thing to visit and knew there was some animals there so we decided to give it a shot. It turns out the Bio Dome was really rad and I had a great time.

It consists of four exhibits which are replicas of ecosystems found in the Americas including a South American rainforest, the North American Laurentian Forest, the Saint Lawrence marine ecosystem, and a polar area.

We had a lot of fun scoping out the different animals.

I spy...

My favorite part was the arctic area which had penguins and puffins!!!!!!! I longed to see puffins when I was in Ireland, but the best I could see were tiny white dots on the Cliffs of Moher.

I could have spent all day watching the puffins and the penguins play. They are such fantastic creatures.



After the Bio Dome we headed back to O Noir, where I made a reservation to finally experience the blind eating. Layne hadn’t been interested in going at all, but once he got there and learned that all of the wait staff were blind, he opened up to it a bit more.

You’re probably wondering how the heck it works to eat in the dark. Once you get there, you check your coats, purses, cell phones, etc into a locker so you don’t risk losing anything or having anything that could produce light on you. You then check out the menu and place your order. The menu is small and changes often, with daily specials and surprise dishes. You choose either a two course meal of an appetizer or dessert and entree, or a three course with all three. Layne just rolled with the two course and ordered a calamari dish to start with filet mignon for his entree. I also ordered the calamari to start with a chicken and broccoli crepe as my entree, which was highly recommend by the girl taking orders. I thought it would be fun to order a surprise dish so went with a third course and got the surprise dessert. They ask you if you have any allergies or dislikes to ensure everything will be ok. Once the orders were placed it was time to hit the darkness.

You stand by the entrance to the dining room and wait for your server to come get you. You form a train with your left hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you, and the waiter leads you to your table slowly, directing you to the chair and ensuring you sit down safely. It’s amazing just how dark it is in there and I couldn’t help giggling the entire walk to the table. He explains where the cutlery is and has you put your water glasses against the wall the table is on to keep them out of the way and from being knocked over.

He then brought out fresh buns to start with. It was hilarious trying to butter them, because you weren’t quite sure if the butter was spreading or not. I ended up with a huge bite full of butter by accident. Then came our calamari dishes which we just ate with our hands. While dining in the dark is suppose to heighten your other senses and judging by the cost of the meals, I was expecting the food to be a bit better than it was. To be honest I wasn’t a fan of the calamari. It seemed a bit mushy to me and texture is huge when I’m eating calamari.

The chicken and spinach crepe was also just ok. I ended up eating the entire thing with my hands since I had no idea if I was even cutting it or how much was ending up on my fork so it seemed easier that way. I was a bit disappointed with it but Layne really enjoyed his meal.

Finally out came my surprise dessert. It was some sort of custard thing and I was having a hard time placing the flavor. At first I thought it was blueberry but then after a few more bits I thought I was tasting alcohol. I had Layne try a bite and he confirmed, it was something with Irish Cream. Of course they give the pregnant lady boozey dessert! I wasn’t a fan in the first place so I quit eating it at this point.

Before long we were being shuffled out and back into the light again. It was a fairly expensive meal for the quality of the food but the experience hands down made it. I would recommend anyone visiting Montreal try this place out to see what it would be like to be blind for an evening. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever experience in a restaurant and I loved it. Even Mr. Hesitant Pants had a good time.

After dinner we meandered back towards the hotel and along the way I discovered a four story Forever 21 which I HAD to stop in. I just did a quick walk through, pulled a couple things to tried on and bought one really cute new top. I didn’t want to make Layne suffer in there forever. I also stumbled upon a Betsey Johnson store with closing out sale signs in it’s windows, but it was closed already. It was definitely a sad sight for me.

The next morning meant it was time to fly home. Layne asked if I wanted to walk back to the Betsey store to see if I could find anything awesome on sale that might fit me. Of course I said yes, but there wasn’t much there and certainly nothing I could purchase right now. Had I been a size 2, there was a few really cute party dresses at ridiculous prices I would have died for, but such is life.

We went back to the Frite Alores for one last poutine before heading to the airport and concluding our trip.

It was a good day to leave because shortly after arriving at the airport it was pouring rain.

Farewell Montreal


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