Montreal: Day Three

July 3, 2012

In my last post, I completely forgot that we hadn’t just gone back to the hotel after dinner. I wasn’t quite ready to go back so soon but Layne wasn’t interested in going to a pub or lounge for a drink so I convinced him to go to a cute looking dessert place near our hotel.

I ordered a Banatella, banana, nutella and praline brownie. It was SO rich, creamy and delicious but it took a very long time to finish just because it was so rich and sweet. Layne ordered a drinking chocolate. Who knew there was such a thing?! His was also very rich and sweet so we had a nice little break slowly consuming our desserts before we retired to the hotel in a chocolate coma.

I couldn't help tasting it before I snapped a pic.

We had a bit of a plan for Day Three but it kind of fell through when we realized the first place to visit on our list was a bit further away than we thought. We went down to the cafe for breakfast and decided to search for the Underground City. It sounded really cool when I was reading about it, but once we got there we were kind of thinking ‘what’s the big deal?’. The Underground City is basically just a series of tunnels that connects different shopping centres, apartments, hotels, offices, etc with metro stations, bus terminals and commuter trains. There were some little shops, cafes and restaurants in one area that we wandered through on our way to the Eaton Centre, which is just a big multi-level shopping mall. It wasn’t that exciting.

Once we left the mall we realized we were fairly close to Mount Royal so we set out in the direction of what the Montreal folk call their local mountain. Along the way we just happened to find McGill University so we stopped to wander the grounds, checking out the amazing architecture of the different faculty buildings.

The beginning of the Mount Royal trek was basically right across the street so we started the trek up to the top. We decided to take the stairs the entire way up to cut down on time, but that proved to be a tough task, especially in the heat and humidity. We soldiered on though and made it to the Chalet where we stopped to admire the beautiful view and refill out water bottles.

It was almost lunch time when we reached the park (I know, so many activities before lunch again!) so we decided to skip exploring more of the park to head down and find somewhere for lunch. It’s too bad as there was a lot more park left to see. It’s no surprise since this park was designed by the same guy that designed Central Park in NYC and I swear you need four days just to see all of that!

In my readings I had heard that Crescent Street was a popular area to check out and it was a short walking distance away so that’s where we headed in search for lunch. Crescent Street is full of pubs and young people and looked like it would be a fun place to be at night if you weren’t knocked up like me. We found a good little place to stop for a bite, where I enjoyed a delicious and refreshing lychee mojito. SO GOOD!

After lunch we sauntered down to the Old Montreal area again. Layne wanted to check out a museum there that was featuring a samurai exhibit. He really enjoyed it but I was getting irritated with how crowded, hot and stuffy it was inside.

We had a bit of time after the museum to just relax around the Old Port and people watch while sipping on fresh squeezed mint lemonade.

Before long it was time to search for dinner. There was a restaurant I really wanted to try that was located in an old women’s prison that sounded pretty neat. We walked over to it around 5 only to find out it wasn’t open until 6. I was really disappointed. We wouldn’t have had time to wait to eat at 6 and make it in time for the Cirque De Soleil show we had bought tickets for for that evening. Probably worked out ok anyways since it looked a lot fancier than our days attire.

We walked back up to the Jacques Cartier Square for dinner where we ended up at an over priced and not very good restaurant. Dang.

Soon it was time for Cirque which I was really looking forward to, especially considering Montreal is where Cirque de Soleil originally comes from. The show that was playing was called Amaluna which we both really enjoyed. We agreed that the second half after the intermission was a bit slower than the first half though, so if you ever see it, be prepared for all the excitement to come at the beginning.

I really enjoyed how the show was held in actual circus tents. So fun!

After the show was over it was dark out. It was our first time being out that late (I know, we’re party animals) and it made me feel ok about being in the hotel so lame. There are A LOT of homeless and sketchy people in Montreal and walking at night made me a bit nervous. I’m so glad I didn’t venture out on my own the night Layne fell asleep ridiculously early. Either way, we made it safe and sound back at the hotel, exhausted and ready to rest up for another days adventures.

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