Montreal: Day Two

July 1, 2012

Since we went to bed so early the first night, we woke up pretty early and wasted no time getting ready to check out La Brioche, the cafe downstairs for breakfast. Since the weather was so gorgeous, we sat on the street patio which I loved. The cafe served traditional French breakfasts which all sounded so amazing.


I rolled with the Pain Doré, which was brioche bread with maple syrup and a buttload of fresh fruit. It was so tasty, I probably could have ate two more plates of it!

Following breakfast we headed down towards Old Montreal for some sight seeing. Let me tell you, this was my absolute favorite part of the city. Once you reached Old Montreal, you felt as though you should be in Paris, not a Canadian city.

We wandered down Rue Saint Paul, which is Montreal’s oldest street and is entirely cobblestone. I loved it! There was tons of neat looking restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, which I know my mom would have loved to explore. It was so beautiful and romantic.

I got excited when we came across a row of horse drawn carriages. Mostly because one was PINK!

I got even more excited when Layne decided to take me for a carriage tour of Old Montreal! It was a great idea to see the sites and learn what some of the old buildings were.

The tour ended just in front of the Notre Dame Basilica right on the top of the hour so we could hear the bells chime. I just stood their in awe listening to them! I would love to live in a city where I heard those bells all the time. Unfortunately Layne wasn’t interested in paying to go inside so we sat in the Place d’Armes Square for a bit before deciding to continue on.

Notre Dame Basilica - so beautiful

Place d'Armes - the building on the left was the first Bank of Montreal

We then wandered to the Old Port where we checked out the little merchant booths and looked into some boat tours to do on another day.

By then it was time for lunch. Yes, we seriously saw all of that before lunch time. We were a little crazy I think.

I decided I HAD to have poutine for lunch, a French-Canadian staple! When in Rome, right? We stopped at a place called Montreal Poutine, sounded like the perfect place!

Someone doesn't own sunglasses...

The belly is in hiding...

POUTINE! With bacon!

Don’t worry, that mojito is a virgin…

He made that face on purpose, dork.

Ah. Seriously, I love poutine to death and this stuff was GOOD! For any American readers I may have that don’t know what poutine is, you’re missing out. It’s fries with poutine sauce (aka gravy) and cheese curds. It’s the best way to have your fries. The bacon was a great addition too, can’t go wrong with cheese and bacon!

After lunch we headed down this neat little alley where local artists were selling their work. I ended up buying some canvas prints of some cherry blossoms that will go perfect in my room.

We decided to wander up to China town since we saw it was so close while we were on the carriage ride. We checked out all the sites at the market there. I was sad that I didn’t find a Buddha statue that I liked. I have a bit of a collection of them from all over. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing though since I’m having a hard time knowing what to do with all my tiny Buddha’s.

After Chinatown we decided to head back in the direction of the Latin Quarter to check out the Gay Village which was just a couple blocks away from where we were staying.

I think poor Layne was happy to be holding hands with his pregnant girlfriend in this neighbourhood!

"In the village we believe that difference should enrich instead of divide"

We decided to eat dinner here at a really nice restaurant, which I completely forget the name of. I had an amazing steak sandwich and Layne had mahi mahi which looked delicious but he inhaled it all before I could have a taste. They also started us off with complimentary bruschetta which was probably the best I’ve ever had. It’s a shame I forget the restaurant.

We were totally wiped from all of our wandering and walking during the day so we just went back to the hotel. Layne was still adjusting after three weeks of night shifts and ended up falling asleep shortly after 7:30. I wasn’t tired yet which left me awfully bored so a few of my friends got some text messages from me that night. I wasn’t brave enough to go out and do anything on my own as there are an awful lot of homeless people on the streets and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to wander on my own at night. I was tempted to go back to the fro-yo place though!

After a few hours of texting friends and reading, I finally fell asleep.

Stay tuned for Day Three!

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