Music Monday: Death By Stereo

June 25, 2012

Last Monday was a bit crazy for me, but in between the madness I saw someone post on Facebook about a Death By Stereo show. I had no idea they were playing in town and instantly really wanted to go.

For those unfamiliar, Death By Stereo is an Orange County based hardcore punk band from the late 90’s. I got into them in my college days and was lucky enough to see them at a local music pub, The Vat in around 2005? They put on such a stellar show back then. I remember that a good number of people left after the opening acts and it was a pretty bleak turnout once DBS hit the stage but they didn’t care, they still gave it everything they had.

The scene last Monday was exactly the same. There couldn’t have been more than 35 people at the pub once they hit the stage and they still played like they had a full house. It was good to go back to my punk rock days and relive some of that music I loved so much. They still rocked some of the good old tunes with a few new ones from their most recent album thrown in the mix too.

What I loved was how much they love to connect to the crowd. Fans were onstage singing along and they couldn’t have cared less. In fact during one song they asked everyone in the crowd to get up on stage. It was a flurry of madness with a full stage and band members running all over the bar. One guitarist strode right up to the bar to take some shots, while still playing, with the singer standing on a table right beside me and another guitarist randomly disappearing into the back of the club.

Those kinds of small, intimate shows are always the most fun. It’s too bad I couldn’t be up at the front, shoving and singing along with the rest of them. Instead, I hung back while baby practiced slam dancing in my belly along with the music.

I may have been one tired cat the next day since I’m not used to staying out so late, but it was worth it. I hope DBS hits The Vat again soon!

Do you prefer small pub shows or big arena shows?  

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