The Maternity Clothes Debate + The Baby Moon

June 21, 2012

Sunday was Father’s Day. I had no idea if Layne would be home or not so I kind of failed at a plan for him. I thought he was coming home Monday but he ended up getting in around 8pm Monday night. I had a card for him but that was it. Oops. Bad mamma. We enjoyed a few hours relaxing on the couch together and he got to feel the babe kicking up a storm for the first time. I think he couldn’t have asked for anything better for his first Father’s Day. Maybe not such a fail after all.

Monday was not a fun day. I had to go for my gestational diabetes test. I was told I had to fast for four hours for the test, which sucked since the only appointment I could get was at 1:30pm. I was starving when I got there and wasn’t sure what I was in for aside from having to drink a super sugary orange drink. After finishing the drink, I had to sit in the waiting room for an hour with no food or drink or anything. UGH! Halfway into the wait I started to really not feel well. I mean, who would feel good after a 4.5 hour fast with nothing but a giant thing of sugar? Well, I’m hypoglycemic so not eating makes me feel like crap already. I was fading super fast and was thankful Layne was actually home to come to this appointment with me. When my hour was up it was time for them to steal my blood. Blood tests are never a fun time for me after a bad reaction to a tetnus shot I  had in high school. I now have to lie down when I get needles otherwise I will pass out. With the lack of food, I was definitely seeing starts while they stole my blood. I immediately ate a Lara Bar when I was done, then drove straight for a pita which I pretty much inhaled but I still felt like crap. I had to hit the deli in my office building for a bagel which helped me feel a bit better. To my disappointment I decided to take a break from cardio for the evening and relax instead. It was NOT a fun day but thankfully it’s over and I won’t have to do it again.

Sleep has been getting a bit more difficult the past few days. I go through periods where I get restless legs and I have a hard time falling asleep because of this weird feeling. I constantly feel like I need to move or stretch or SOMETHING to relieve the feeling. Monday night I couldn’t get to sleep at all so I ended up just getting up, and going to a local pub to watch a band play while Layne worked security. By the time I got home I zonked right out. Thankfully.

I keep having a debate with my mother about maternity clothes. She shakes her head at me every time she sees me wearing my regular pants or shorts, especially if I am wearing a belly band, and insists on trying to buy me maternity wear. I think it’s silly. I walked into Thyme Maternity once and the price of their clothes was ridiculous. Maternity wear seems like such a money grab to me. The clothes will only be worn for a few months, I mean I only have 3 left. Why spend a bunch of money on something I’m only going to wear for three months when I can stock up on leggings, long shirts and dresses that I can continue to wear long after the baby arrives? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks mom, I appreciate that you want to help me out with clothes, but I’m just not willing to waste money on stuff that is going to end up being donated in a few months.

Now we’re off for our pre-baby trip to Montreal. I’m excited to get away from work and baby planning and to just relax and enjoy some one on one time with Layner before things get crazy!

Anyone else a wimp when it comes to needles? I can get tattooed and pierced no problem, but actual needles freak me out. I’m weird, I know.
For those of you who have had kids, did you go all out with maternity clothes or did you make ‘normal’ clothes work the whole time?  

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    June 21, 2012 at 9:15 am

    Lol, I obviously haven’t experienced this first hand but I do know a lot of people who had the same feelings as you about maternity clothes and then finally bit the bullet. After they had proper fitting clothes they loved them and didn’t know why they didn’t invest in a few pieces earlier. Plus, Thyme isn’t the only place, I know H&M has a maternity section that is a lot more reasonably priced and in Edmonton their are a lot of other cheaper options 🙂

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    Katy @ Fit In Heels
    June 21, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Okay, not only are maternity clothes expensive but they are HIDEOUS!!! I’m hiding in maxi dresses and leggings, and abut to bust out the belly band. Also, for a woman with hips, maternity clothes are stupid! The zipper and buttons don’t undo, so I can’t get things over my hips without going up 5 sizes. Instead, I will cry.

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      June 27, 2012 at 8:06 am

      I’m glad I’m not the only one hating on maternity clothes!

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    June 21, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    i can’t watch a needle go in (well i have a few times), but otherwise i have no problem with them, when i get my yearly blood tests done, its no big deal to me anymore.
    As for maternity clothes, i’m sure i’ll get a few just so i have something to wear beside sweatpants all the time, but possibly used clothing, i know what you mean when you say those prices are ridiculous!

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