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Workout Wednesday: Running Progress!

June 20, 2012

Did I mention I’m currently on holidays right now?! Heck yes! All bragging aside, now onto the workouts…

Last Thursday’s Crossfit workout was decent. We started with front squats at 85%, 3×3. We tested our 1RM last time we did front squats and I settled at 95lbs, so I rolled with 85lbs for this. Felt heavy but was still doable. The WOD was a 7 minute AMRAP of max rep pull-ups and a 20m shuttle run. You only counted your pull-up reps. I hammered out 60 but of course I use two bands. One day I’d like to be able to do pull-ups unassisted. Maybe that’s something that should be on my fitness bucket list?

Friday afternoon my eyes were growing heavy in the afternoon again but I kept telling myself that I would not go home and have a nap and I would go for a run instead. I even tweeted it to keep myself accountable. I did get out for a run and it felt great. Still getting sore calves but I find that if I walk it out for a bit I am good to go. I downloaded a new running app called Endomondo that I really like. I previously always used Runmeter which was good, but Endomondo lets you choose what kind of workout you’re doing, choose a distance, time or calorie goal. It even spoke out at every mile and told me my time. I was doing 15 minute miles. I have no idea how good that is, or if it’s really terrible but I’ll take it. It was so nice out and aside from my tight legs I was feeling really good so I went a bit further this time than I have all summer. Hurray for not being lazy!

My parents were in town Saturday so we went for a father’s day dinner instead of celebrating on Sunday. I had no plans Sunday as Layne still wasn’t home. I decided to take advantage and slept in before heading off for a run. Look who’s turned into the cardio queen this week! This run felt even better than Friday’s and I managed to go even farther. My legs weren’t bugging me as much this time, although I still took some walking breaks, but I didn’t feel like quitting after 1km. Definitely happy with that. Only downfall is that I got a tiny blister from my Vibrams, not sure why.

I was excited to be able to do another run on Monday to see what I could accomplish, but a couple of things put the stop to that plan. First the weather wasn’t the greatest and I thought it may have to be an elliptical night, but then I was feeling super crappy after some blood work and decided that resting for the evening might be a better idea. Kind of disappointing since I won’t run again until I’m back from holidays.

Tuesday’s Crossfit workout was a brutal one and I knew it was karma’s punishment for staying out too late the night before. I know, I just said I decided resting would be better than running but I ended up going to a show at a neighborhood pub that ran kind of late. So I was feeling pretty tired when I got to the gym. We started with shoulder press at 75%. I thought I’d try 65lbs but that was proving too heavy for my tired body so went down to 55lbs. It was still a struggle to get through 5 rounds of 4. The WOD was rough too. 4 rounds of 10 power cleans, 200m run, 10 push jerk, 200, run and 10 kettlebell swings. Rough. I was dying after the second round. I finished in just under 20 minutes. Serves me right for staying out all night!

Today I am spending the day with my mom for a girls day for her belated Mother’s Day gift. I don’t know if I will make it for my first yoga class of the new session, but I’ll be there after I’m back from holidays next week!

And one last thing before I leave you, another Ryan Gossling/Crossfit meme for my fellow Crossfitters or anyone needing some eye candy:


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  • Reply
    June 20, 2012 at 10:28 am

    You are a inspiration! Look at you go for being pregnant you are doing more than awesome.
    Yeah I would love to be able to do unassisted pull-ups one day. haha.
    I still have one more CrossFit class pass, hopefully next week I make it.
    Have a good day with your Mom and a awesome trip!

  • Reply
    June 20, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    to do one unassisted pull-up is definitely on my list as well, one day… one day.

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